Jay’s Pet Butter Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In this engaging episode of Shark Tank, Brandan and Jay showcased their incredible product of the company named Jay’s Pet Butter. It’s all about creating a nutritious and delicious spread with various flavors, especially for our pets. This particular type of butter keeps them happy and energetic.

The founders of Jay’s Pet Butter joined Shark Tank in Season 15, Episode 12, and presented their nutritional product in front of sharks. The Sharks involved were Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Daniel Lubetzky.

Let’s see if the entrepreneurs can inspire the Sharks. Did they manage to get a deal on the show? Just jump in and read this article to find out what happened!

Jay’s Pet Butter Net worth

The company has an estimated net worth between $0.5 million and $1 million.

Did Jay’s Pet Butter get a deal on the Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, the company failed to seal any deal with the Sharks. The investors were interested in something other than making an offer for this product.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeAccepted?
Lori GreinerN/ANo
Kevin O’Leary$50,000 for a  royalty of $1 per jar sold in perpetuityNo
Daymond JohnN/ANo
Mark CubanN/ANo
Daniel LubetzkyN/ANo

Jay’s Pet Butter Shark Tank Update

jays pet butter shark tank deal

Jay’s Pet Butter and Its Products

It’s a company that makes nutritional products for pets. The products are formulated with highly pet-friendly ingredients. They offer a variety of flavors, such as peanut butter, banana butter, and almond butter. This particular product provides all the essential nutrients to our pets.

It keeps them healthy and happy. Those spread butter are so tasty. It’s like a treat for both humans and pets. We can also indulge in their delicious flavors. All the essential fats and ingredients are added to this particular product.

Founder and Backstory

Jay Cutler and Brandon Fokken are the co-founders of Jay’s Pet Butter. They are from the United States and are well-known figures in the fitness industry. Jay is a former professional bodybuilder who has won the prestigious title of Mr Olympia four times. He is passionate about fitness and a pet lover, inspiring the founders to create special butter. Seeing their love for animals made them innovate healthy pet products, which is excellent.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

The entrepreneurs walked into the show and introduced themselves. They are known experts from the fitness industry. Jay, a pet lover, brought his pets with him, which he called Daisy and Capone. He competed in professional bodybuilding for four years.

By presenting their product, he said that in these years of training, he has been taking peanut butter as his nutritional supplement as it’s a balanced diet. The founders were seeking $50,000 with the equity of 10% of their company.

Discussion on Pitch and Offer

To inspire the investors, Jay explained the product’s composition and that they have added a lot to it. He took this special butter as a supplement for essential fats. He said that he also has a brand of nutrition. Daymond asked about the brand name, so Jay replied, “It’s called Cutler Nutrition.” He has 16M followers on social media, which also helps him to sell his product.

Lori asked, what’s unique about this peanut butter? Brandon explained the reason; he said they had added many additives for the pets’ health. People gave them vitamins, biotin, minerals, special foods, etc. But this special peanut butter can fulfill all such requirements of animals.

Kevin was interested to know about the sales of the product. Brandon said they started last year and got good sales. He’s been running a fitness company for 3 years. Kevin complimented that it means you guys are credible from this perspective.

Then he asked about the per-jar sale price. They said $14.99, and that’s expensive. On asking about the costume to make this jar, they said it currently costs us  $ 3.10. Daniel was curious about the total sales up to date. They said they got $39,000 to date in about 10 months.

Negotiation and Final Deal

After discussion on the pitch, four sharks were already out when it came to making an offer. They didn’t find this product investable. Kevin was the only shark thinking of offering a deal with royalty. He offered $50,000 with no equity for a royalty of $1 per jar sold. The entrepreneurs did not like the offer of royalty. So, the company needed help to get a deal on the show.

Challenges and Motivations

The founders needed to find a unique formula for making a pet-friendly product. They faced a challenge in creating a distribution channel for their business. Much research was done to make the best nutritional product for animals, resulting in the launch of Jay’s Pet Butter.

Despite all these obstacles, the entrepreneurs remained motivated and inspired. They were determined to provide healthy lives to pets by promoting their happiness and overall well-being.

Jay’s Pet Butter Retail Availability

The product is available on the company’s official website. People can reach out to online marketplaces and quickly get these excellent spread butter by placing orders there. The founder of Jay’s Pet Butter also has a social media following; he advertises his product through social media accounts.

As for potential impact, this product is highly advantageous for the lives of pets. It also positively affects pet lovers by providing their animals with a balanced and nutritious diet. No doubt, it’s a fantastic, delicious treat for humans and pets.


The entrepreneurs failed to convince the Sharks, so the company couldn’t receive any investor offers. They left the show without closing any deal for their product. But still, they have a positive outlook to grow their business and are determined to facilitate pet lovers.

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