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SharkTankInsights.com is a platform built to help non-business viewers understand the show better. This information hub will rearrange every pitch to ensure your brain productively processes the business models, marketing strategies, and products. Business jargon will no longer bother you cause we are here to break down everything. 

SharkTankInsights.com is developed for people who want to learn from the failures and successes of founders. We aim to present Shark Tank maniacs with a database where they can explore, learn, and stay up-to-date. I write episode recaps, business analyses, founder profiles, and more. Never let the learning stop with SharkTankInsights.com.

For any queries, please email us at info at sharktankinsights.com or contact us here.

meet our team

danial durrani author

Danial Durrani

Hi. I’m Daniyal Durrani. A CA-finalist, CPA-UK, and Master in Economics with a decade-long business studies experience. I work as an Audit and Business Advisory Manager in a globally recognized accounting firm. I have been watching Shark Tank for a long time and have always admired the innovative business ideas. The revolutionary solutions to unaddressed day-to-day problems presented on the show used to impress me like no other thing on TV. My business mind understood the small details in every pitch. 

sara javed sti author

Sara Javed

Hello everyone, I’m Sara Javed. I’m an IT professional expert with project management and design skills. Besides writing, I love playing video games, designing digital art, and reading books. I love Shark Tank due to its innovative business ideas and unpredictable reactions from sharks. This keeps me glued to the screens to watch the next catchy moment.

ayesha sti author

Ayesha Pasha

Hi there, I’m Ayesha Pasha, a content creator who loves crafting engaging stories and captivating visuals. When I’m not busy working on content projects, you can catch me indulging in my favorite pastime: watching Shark Tank episodes. I’m fascinated by the innovative business ideas and the unpredictable reactions of the Sharks. It’s my go-to for entertainment and inspiration. Outside of that, I enjoy exploring new cafes, capturing moments through my lens, and experimenting with new recipes.

izza habib sti author

Izza Habib

Hi, I’m Izza Habib, a Nutritionist and an avid writer. My focus? Crafting captivating blogs and articles on the exhilarating episodes of Shark Tank. I love unraveling the unique stories of aspiring individuals navigating the high-stakes world of Shark Tank— from groundbreaking products to pitch-perfect presentations. As a blogger, I’m committed to sharing the excitement behind each episode, highlighting the ingenuity, passion, and strategic negotiations that shape the entrepreneurial landscape. Join me on this thrilling journey into the dynamic world of Shark Tank!

fizza gulzar author

Fizza Gulzar

Hello, I’m Fizza Gulzar. I’m an MBA graduate specialized in Human Resource Management (HRM). I love the exciting Shark Tank business ideas and pitches on the show. My goal is to share stories and lessons to inspire and help other fellow entrepreneurs. Through my writing, I hope to make the business world a little easier to understand and navigate.

mehreen shahid author

Mehreen Shahid

I’m Mehreen Shahid a content creator and marketing extraordinaire with a masters degree in marketing and 5 years of experience in agency. To unwind and gain more insight into the entrepreneur’s mind I watch Shark Tank. Love the advice that the sharks give and hope the negotiations takes place. I live drawing sketching and carpeting life with my camera.

neha chaudhry sti author

Neha Chaudhary

Meet me. I’m Neha Chaudhary, and I hold a degree in electrical engineering. I am passionate about technology and work as a freelance AR artist and writer. I am profoundly fond of the show Shark Tank. Not only does it promote the entrepreneurial spirit, but it also helps younger people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. It can also be considered the number one show to watch for anyone who wants to pursue business and pitch their ideas.

esha fiaz author

Esha Fiaz

Hey, i’m Esha Fiaz. I’m an Applied Psychology graduate. I have specialized in industrial and business psychology. Shark Tank has been my favorite show in recent couple of years. The show perfectly combines my interests in human behavior and business. For me, the Shark Tank is very entertaining and educational and it has taught me so many amazing things. It has inspired me with the creativity and determination of the entrepreneurs. Let’s explore the mind-blowing world of Shark Tank together!

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