Pluie Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Changing a baby’s diaper doesn’t have a schedule. And changing it in public is a real struggle. Although they are public, changing tables around moms aren’t happy with it. Unsanitary and unclean. Even gross. So, a mother duo decided to design a Pluie Public Changing table.

Pluie Public changing table is the first ever self-sanitizing table. It uses UV lights to sanitize the tables and remove germs. It takes 60 seconds to clean and every baby gets a clean and fresh table to change their diapers on. Moreover, it has a hook for holding the baby or mom’s bag.

Addie Gundry and Brittany Hizer are at the Shark Tank Season Season 14 with their product. They demand for $500,000 with 5% equity. The pitch was great, but sales and evaluation were something Sharks were concerned about. But will Sharks invest in a clean and better way to change diapers? Let’s find out. 

Pluie Net Worth

Addie and Brittany asked for a $500k investment in exchange for 5% equity in their company. This meant they valued their company at $10 million. Unfortunately, they couldn’t secure a deal. After the show aired, the company saw a big increase in website traffic, sales, and social media exposure. With an estimated 10% yearly growth rate (typical business growth), the current net worth of Pluie Public Changing Table is about $11 million.

What Happened to Pluie After Shark Tank?

After the show was aired, the Indianapolis International Airport had 50 Pluie Public changing tables. Later, a product, Pluie Pret Changing Clutch, was launched. The business is still growing and posts things on social media. 

Did Pluie get a deal at Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, there was no deal done with the entrepreneurs of the Pluie Public Changing Table.

Shark(s) nameOffer & DemandCounterofferAccepted?
Gwyneth PaltrowOutN/ANo
Lori GreinerOutN/ANo
Kevin O’LearyOutN/ANo
Barbara CorcoranOutN/ANo
Mark CubanOutN/ANo

Pluie Shark Tank Update

pluie net worth

Founders & their Backstory

Brittany has 15 years of experience in Product development. She has worked in fields like commercial fitness products and fishing boats. She was been the first female President of the fishing company. Her ex-colleague introduced Addie. She then shared her idea.

Addie was a physics major and a college dropout who joined culinary school. After a struggle, she was hired as the chef at Michelin Star Hotels. After being trained by great chefs, she joined back her school to complete her Bachelor’s degree in her late 20s. After becoming a mom of a son, she worked on her idea of the public changing table. 

Initial Pitch

Addie and Brittany introduced themselves. They then placed their demand of $500,000 with 5% equity. Addie then shared her terrible experience of changing diapers on the public changing table. Gross, filthy, and unsanitized. So she decided to introduce a solution to it. She designed a self-sanitizing public changing table. 

Pluie Public Changing table can be sanitized within 60 seconds after each use. It uses UV lights to kill germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. It comes with a bag holder that keeps your bag secure. The pitch was concluded as Brittany and Addie asked Sharks to help mothers get a cleaner and germ-free changing table.

Queries about the product

did pluie get a deal at shark tank

Kevin begins with a direct comment on the sales cycle. As the product is for B2B (business to business). Addie mentioned that they have started working with DFW Airport on Terminal C. Moreover, they work at 11 large national accounts like CVS, Old Lady, and Costo, including airports, theme parks, and hotels. They have spread around 1500 locations with an average of two to three tables.

Mark inquired about the number of units sold. Lori and Addie responded at the same time that 300 units were sold. He then inquired about the price of each. Addies that each unit is sold for $2,699. Lori inquired about the cost of manufacturing a unit. Brittany replied that the UV version cost $1,312. Kevin presented a scenario where he needed to provide electricity and infrastructure for UV tubes to work. Brittany replied that it was not an issue. 

Lori inquired about the period of sanitation. Addies replied that it requires just 60 seconds. This amazed Lori. She then inquired about their background. After Addie’s story, she applied for a utility patent in 2019. She also raised money for her idea while being on maternity leave for her daughter. Daymond inquired about the valuation she raised. Addie replied that she raised $650,000 in six weeks with $400,000 as the convertible note. In 2021, they raised another million dollars. 

Robert inquired that they raised 3.6 million dollars with an evaluation of 20 million dollars. But why are they here with a 10 million dollar evaluation? Why? Addie replied that the investors take a 50% cut. Mark inquired about their bank balance. Addie replied to 1.4 million.  He then inquired about the number of orders still pending. Addie replied 250 units. Robert inquired about their revenue this year. Addie replied that the total revenue was 150,000. 

Kevin questioned about the cash they would lose this year. Addies replied $500,000. Robert inquired about last year. Addie replied a million. 

Shark’s Responses & Final Deal

what happened to pluie after shark tank

Kevin was the first Shark to step out. He disliked the evaluation. He thinks the company is far away from $10 million worth. Daymond stepped out as he thought the product was not up to the scale at the moment. Robert stepped out, too, for the same reason as Daymond. Addie inquired if the Sharks would be interested if the evaluation is reduced.

Mark inquired how much. Addie replied that they needed a Shark to help them grow faster. Mark inquired why we aren’t having many sales. Lori replied that they already had a solution to this. Mark stepped out as he felt uninterested in the business idea. 

Lori appreciated their struggle and concept. But she thought it was quite pricey, so she stepped out, too. Unfortunately, they have to leave without any deal. 

What Went Wrong with Pluie Public Changing Table On Shark Tank

The idea of a self-sanitizing changing table was amazing. The pitch was great, but sales figures and losing money were major concerns for the Sharks. Apart from this, the Sharks lost their interest due to the evaluation. Their high evaluation made the Sharks lose their interest. 

Product Description & Availability

Pluie Public Changing table is a changing table for babies that is clean and sanitized within 60 seconds. Without any manual help. It uses UVC to sanitize the germs and bacteria. This process takes up to 60 seconds only. Moreover, this is the best solution for public restrooms and ladies’ rooms. You can check the product details on their website


Addie and Brittany are at Shark Tank with their healthy and clean changing table idea. Pluie Public Changing table cleans the changing table within 60 seconds. This gives each mom peace of mind whenever she changes their baby’s diaper outside. They demand $500,000 with 5% equity.

The pitch was great, but sales figures were concerning. Shark stepped out mostly due to the evaluation. High evaluation and sales figures made Sharks uninterested in the idea. For these reasons, the Sharks stepped out one after the other. This left the entrepreneurs without any deal. 

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