How Many Sharks On Shark Tank Are Jewish?

The demographic, economic, and religious aspects of the United States society are currently dominated by Christians and Jews. However, this was not always the case because antisemitic sentiments were popular amongst Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries. The antisemitic movements peaked in World War I and II. 

Jews were barred from owning properties in the USA, they were shamed in the media, and restrictions were imposed on education. The general perception towards Jews has changed after World War II and this is evident from the appearance of Jewish millionaires on Shark Tank. The Jewish Sharks on the show signify the community’s journey to become financially strong. 

In this article, I will explain the religious connection of Sharks with Judaism. Most of the Sharks on the show are Christians but they support Judaism and value their struggles. However, the richest Shark on Shark Tank is a Jew. Who is he? Scroll down to find out.  

How Many Sharks On Shark Tank Are Jewish?

Lori Greiner 

lori greiner how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

While some online sources claim that Lori Greiner is a Christian, it is a less-known fact that she belongs to the Jewish faith. Lori kept her religious life confidential, so it is hard to confirm her faith. However, she wished everyone a Happy Hanuka in 2015 which further authenticates her affiliation with Judaism. 

Lori Greiner is known as the Queen of QVC and retail business. Her contribution to the Shark Tank and business world is known to people across the globe. Lori is of American descent. She married Dan Greiner who is a Christian. 

Daniel Lubetzky 

daniel lubetzky how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Daniel Lubetzky is one of the guest Sharks known for his supportive feedback and progressive business mindset. Daniel’s Jewish family started struggling when his father was 9 years old and Poland got invaded in 1939. His father was instantly sent to live in a Jewish township and two years later transferred to a camp in Dachau. 

The American soldiers liberated Daniel’s father when he was 16 and helped him migrate to Mexico City with his family. They lived in a close-knit Jewish community in Mexico. His father married the daughter of Jewish immigrants from Europe who had a ranch in Mexico City. 

Daniel Lubetzky’s father worked three shifts a day in a factory. Afterward, he got employed in a jewelry shop where he learned language and trading. He opened a jewelry store and started a chain of duty-free shops along the US border with four other holocaust survivors.

When antisemitic movements began in Mexico, Daniel’s father moved to San Antonio, Texas. Daniel Lubetzky has since been hustling in the USA and has earned millions of dollars. He even cofounded the Muhammad Ali Center with Lonnie Ali which was a selfless gesture towards the formation of an interfaith relationship.

Michael Rubin

michael rubin how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Michael Rubin is another guest Shark who has a Jewish background. He was born in Philadelphia to a veterinarian father and a psychiatrist mother. Rubin did not find himself struggling as much as other Jewish Sharks because his parents were educated. 

Michael lived in a closely knit Jewish family but the identity of whom is not available online. Michael started his entrepreneurial journey with a ski-tuning shop that he opened inside his parent’s house. Recently, Michael raised his voice against the decreasing number of Christians in the Middle East. 

Jason Blum

jason blum how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Jason Blum is a Jewish entrepreneur who appears as a guest panelist on Shark Tank. His mother was an art professor and his father was an art dealer. The close affiliation of his Jewish parents with the world of art made him an expert in horror entertainment. 

Jason graduated from Vassar College in 1991. Almost 30 years later, he donated $10 million to the college which is the highest contribution from a male alumnus. 

Mark Cuban 

mark cuban how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Mark Cuban, the richest businessman on the Shark Tank and the only billionaire on the panel is a Jew. He was born in Mount Lebanon in Pittsburgh in the Chabenisky house that his grandparents renamed Cuban. Mark’s family migrated from Russia to Ellis Island when antisemitism was at its peak. 

Mark spoke against antisemitism in various instances. He confirmed that he rarely went to synagogue during his childhood and his father was a rebel, but they never left Judaism. Mark Cuban’s early life was a struggle where he and his friend were the only Jewish students in the school. His schoolmates used to bully him for his Jewish background. However, things changed when he switched schools in 7th grade and found more Jewish friends. 

Mark Cuban often recalled that he remembered the Jewish food he used to enjoy during his childhood like Borscht. He often attributes his empathetic nature to his Jewish background because his mother’s family was killed in the Holocaust. Mark believes that Judaism is more of a brand for the Gen Z kids. 

Kevin O’Leary 

kevin o'leary how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Kevin O’Leary is a Catholic Christian married to a woman of the same faith. Kevin’s religious affiliation is evident from his wedding rituals performed in 1990. Despite being a practicing Christian, Kevin shares a strong bond with the Jewish community. 

Kevin’s life changed when his father died at the age of 7. He told Ami Magazine that he was raised by the family of his Jewish friend Andrew Tany, so he appreciated Jewish values. Growing up in a Jewish household, Kevin found it astounding that the teaching and practices remained the same over the years. 

Moreover, Kevin O’Leary disclosed that he used to go to Jewish temples and had learned to respect elders from the family of his friend. He also had a friend at school who became a rabbi. 

Daymond John 

daymond john how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Daymond John was born into a Catholic family and had been a religious person. However, bad times and bad people made him drift away from religion. He recalled the memories of his stepfather on his website, who was a white Jewish man. Daymond praised his stepfather for making him believe that love was beyond colors. This write-up explains his affiliation with the Jewish community, despite being a Christian.  

Robert Herjavec

robert herjavec how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Robert Herjavec’s family migrated from Croatia and settled in Canada. He never disclosed his religious beliefs until recently when he got divorced. His children stopped talking to him after the couple separated.

Robert tried jumping off the balcony to end his misery. However, he turned to the Church. This incident clarifies that Robert Herjavec is a Christian. He often extends his wishes to the Jewish community through social media on several occasions. 

Barbara Corcoran 

barbara corcoran how many sharks on shark tank are jewish

Barbara Corcoran who was born in Edgewater New Jersey, is the least affiliated Shark to Judaism. She belongs to an Irish-Catholic family that has nine other children than Barbara. Barbara became a real estate giant on her own and from the limited resources on offer. 


Jewish people have struggled a lot to earn money and status in the USA. The antisemitic movements were one of the hardest hurdles to overcome, but the above-mentioned Sharks have proven that hard work is fruitful in the end. While you will find thousands of Christian businessmen owning gigantic corporations and establishing brands, Jewish hustlers have made use of the opportunity offered to them.

These Jewish entrepreneurs and their families have experienced adverse times, especially during the holocaust. However, their growth also goes to show how great the USA is. America is a land of opportunity that rewards hard work irrespective of religious background. 

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