Salespreneur Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Dave Greco is an entrepreneur on Shark Tank who sells his sales training mantra. This sales guide guarantees training for all sales reps to boost their sales and margins.

In Season 3 Episode 2, will the sales pro be able to grab a Shark’s attention to his deal? Let’s check what happened next.

Salespreneur Net worth

Today, the Salespreneur has zero net worth. Salepreneur was closed 6 months after its appearance on Shark Tank. Currently, it’s not in business.

What Happened to Salespreneur After Shark Tank?

Salepreneur was closed 6 months after its appearance on Shark Tank. Currently, it’s not in business.

Did the Salespreneur get the deal on Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, no deal was sealed. Dave had good sales and worked with big names, but he could not get any Shark to invest in his product. The reason is his mistake. If you are a salesperson or want to step into sales marketing, you better read until the end. So you never make this mistake.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert HerjavecOUTN/AN/ANo
Lori GreinerOUTN/AN/ANo
Kevin O’LearyOUTN/AN/ANo
David DaymondOUTN/AN/ANo
Mark CubanOUTN/AN/ANo

Salespreneur Shark Tank Update

what happened to salespreneur after shark tank

Salespreneur And its uses

The Salepreneur is the complete gateway to the complete sales training a person needs. This booklet gives the ultimate sales skills a person needs. It is a commercial product that can train anyone to learn sales. These booklets have 2 major components as their content.

The first one is MiSSile (Master Sales Succes Ladder), which is laser-focused on dealing with the real buyer. It educates the salesperson on identifying the real buyer and what to say to him. 

The second is RoadMapp, which is a commercial guide. These step-by-step instructions will help its salesperson with the core concepts. It educates on how to place their pitch for the target audience.

Founder and backstory

Dave Greco has created his business model and invested his own money He has mortgaged his house for investment. He has previously worked in various sales companies. He started his product after being among the top 2% of best performers from his previous companies.

Pitch and initial presentation

Dave begins his pitch with his introduction. He placed his demand for $90,000 with 40% company shares. He then explained his product as the educational guide to becoming a sales expert. He claims to sell anything and has his profit shares out of it. He also won sales awards from companies he had previously worked for.

He stated that he had been in sales for 5 years. He used to sell pencils to his neighbors for 20 cents each. Moving forward, he explained his product details, which will lead anyone to learn about sales. Dave explained his booklet in detail, including its content and targeted audience. Dave stated that various companies sell his products. Now, they wanted it to sell products globally.

This can be possible by building a mobile application. He promises to train better salespersons than anyone else in the world. Kevin jumped in by reconfirming his claims and stood solid on them. Dave then made his outro and was ready for the Shark attacks.

Discussion on pitch and offer

Kevin was curious about the product, so he began with it. He inquired about the number of sales made. Dave answered that it had been $40,000 in the last 3 months. Kevin then asked the organizations that purchased the products. Dave answered 5 organizations out of which 3 are Fortune 300.

Kevin shot another question about the business model. Dave explained that any of his team members would reach the target company and teach them. Then, they will receive the printed booklets. Robert then asked why it is only $40,000 when their target audience is Fortune 300 companies. Dave firmly answered that the business is operational for three months only.

Mark wanted to learn more about the product, so he asked Dave to break the sales deal into steps for him. He explained that the cost is per seat acquired by the candidates seeking sales training. At the same time, companies purchase the system for the employees. Kevin then inquired about the percentage they receive from a company on each sale using your system. Dave answered with 40%. Kevin was shocked and inquired why haven’t printed a million by now.

Mark interrupted to say that the business became operational only 3 months ago. He then stated that he had deployed his system to one of the Fortune companies. MetLife. The company name hooked David’s attention, and he asked his question. He inquired about the price of each item sold. Dave stated that 140 items were sold and each item cost $295. Dave stated his plans to build a mobile application and a video game.

Robert inquired why he wasn’t hunting g down more Fortune companies than working on the mobile application. Dave explained this perspective as he can’t be everywhere so he needs this digital product. He also stated that he sold his systems and acquired all legal rights like trademarks.

Dave also informed me that he had a small startup in Boston whose sales skyrocketed to $60 million. Barbara sought Dave’s permission to see his secret sauce. Robert then inquired about how he made money. Then Dave mischievously answered that he needed to partner with him to know the reason. 

Negotiation and final deal

David then challenged Dave to sell him a pen, but he failed. Due to this David backed out. Dave stated that they have an on-demand publishing company for their booklets. He also mentioned investing his money and mortgaging his house to sustain his business. Robert jumped in to give his reason for backing out. As he wants the sales to rise he wants the business, not sales booklets. 

Kevin asked Dave if any company has boosted its sales with mobile applications. Dave answered no, saying that he wanted to be the first one. Kevin explained that the risks were very high, so he rejected the deal. Mark asked Dave if he agreed to take the deal and he shifted his attention to Barbara. Barbara also backed out due to the rush to find new risks in the marketplace, and she suggested that he stick with his current business model. 

Returning to Mark, Dave initially had a conversation with Mark, in which Mark stated his mistake. Keeping on selling even when the deal is made is the biggest mistake a salesperson makes, and that is what Dave proved to America. That is when Mark backed out because he thought this was his mistake and that need to learn. He left the stage after a firm goodbye.

Product Availability

Salepreneur has the ultimate tricks and tips to lead a normal person to a sales pro. To learn these secrets, you need to purchase the system, just like one of the big names, MetLife, which purchased the system for their employees to boost their insurance sales.


Dave Greco presented his sales skills in the best possible ways. But it couldn’t impress any Shark. He demands $90,000 with 40% shares for the investors. But his mistake made him lose this almost-done deal. So, Dave has to return with no deal sealed. 

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