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In the scorching heat of Arizona, Jackie Samuelson, a new mother, encountered a dilemma while breastfeeding her daughter Sunny. Her traditional nursing covers failed to keep her baby cool and comfortable.

Despite trying various products, Sunny would consistently end up soaked in sweat, a result of both her mother’s body heat and the oppressive outdoor temperatures.

Jackie, determined to address the issue, worked tirelessly with her husband Jeremy for over six months to invent a unique breastfeeding solution – The Lady Alpha Nursing Cool Cover.

This innovative cover includes a fan for better airflow, ensuring babies can feed without overheating. Founded on the vision of modernizing motherhood, The Lady Alpha aims to bring convenience from conception through the first year.

While their Nursing Cool Cover is the first product, Jackie and Jeremy plan to expand, creating a platform and community for ongoing innovation for mothers and babies. They’ve asked for $100k for 10% Equity. Did this innovative product get a deal or not, let’s find out!

Lady Alpha Net Worth

Lady Alpha net worth is estimated at $1 million. The valuation is based on Barbara’s investment of $100k with 10% equity in the company. The net worth will fluctuate based on the performance of Lady Alpha in the future.

What Happened To The Lady Alpha After Shark Tank?

For the latest on Lady Alpha, we’re optimistic that their appearance on Shark Tank will give the company a good sales boost. As of now, the website is accepting pre-sale orders set to ship in May 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments!

Did The Lady Alpha Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

Jackie and Jeremy Samuelson went on Shark Tank Season 15 and got the deal they wanted with Barbara Corcoran for $100k with 10% equity in the company. Lady Alpha is still running, and they’re busy sending out the next batch of orders to nursing moms!

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Barbara Corcoran$100k10% EquityN/AYes
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/AN/A
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecOutN/AN/AN/A

Lady Alpha Shark Tank Update

lady alpha net worth

In Season 15 of Shark Tank, Jacqueline and Jeremy Samuelson, a married couple, presented their innovative nursing cover. Lady Alpha stands out by offering more than just an ordinary nursing cover – it has a built-in fan, providing added comfort for moms and babies. The question remains: which of the sharks will choose to invest? Discover the outcome in our Lady Alpha update and pitch recap!

Founder BackStory

Jacqueline and Jeremy, the creators of Lady Alpha, wanted to make a better nursing cover. They live in a hot place, Arizona, and when their baby was born, Jacqueline had trouble breastfeeding comfortably. The covers available made them both sweaty and frustrated in the heat. Since they couldn’t find a suitable cover, they made their own – Lady Alpha.

Initial Pitch

The couple explained that their nursing cover is special because it’s the only one with a built-in cooling fan. The fan is rechargeable and doesn’t make any noise. You can choose from three different fan speeds. The cover also has a smart design that lets you see your baby while feeding.

They use lightweight and strong muslin cotton fabric, which is good for the cover. The cost to make it is $17.30, and they sell it for $59.95. Right now, Lady Alpha is still in business, working hard to send out their covers to moms who need them. Since starting the company seven months before going on TV, Lady Alpha has already sold 1,400 units, making $79,000 in sales.

The Lady Alpha nursing cover prioritizes full visibility of the baby during breastfeeding. Its clever design, including a flexible viewing window, allows seamless eye contact, ensuring mothers never miss a moment. This feature also supports hands-free positioning and latching.

To accommodate various nursing positions and baby sizes, the cover maximizes coverage area. With dimensions of 49 inches in length and 31 inches in height, Lady Alpha’s muslin cotton fabric provides one of the largest shaded spaces among covers on the market.

The cover’s soft and breathable muslin material is gentle on the skin, and the intelligent double lining at the neckline ensures it maintains its shape. Despite its generous size, the lightweight and airy fabric prevents any feeling of constriction.

Beyond its primary function, the Lady Alpha Nursing Cool Cover is versatile. It serves as a car seat cover, and its bonus travel pouch neatly stores both the cover and the fan unit. Convenient features, such as a QR code on the inside tag, make it easy for users to learn more about the product.

Queries about the Product 

Barbara Corcoran asks about how they advertise, and Jacqueline says they mostly use social media. They’re asking for an investment on the show, and they’ve already got $15,000 from Jacqueline’s uncle, which they used for intellectual property (IP) and more inventory.

Lori Greiner wants to know more about the couple. Jeremy grew up on a farm and later worked in a hospital. Jacqueline, a first-generation American raised by a single mom, was inspired by her mom’s hard work. When their daughter was born, breastfeeding in public was tricky. Jeremy came up with the idea for a fan, and Jacqueline’s grandmother, who can sew, made the prototype. They got their first patent just before going on Shark Tank.

Jacqueline shares that when she wears the Lady Alpha cover in public, other moms show a big interest. The company has a waitlist, and moms are willing to wait because there’s nothing like it on the market. The challenge now is keeping up with demand, as they keep running out of inventory, even though they’ve done all their advertising for free on social media.

Shark Responses and Final Deal

did lady alpha get deal on the shark tank

Before negotiations even start, Barbara Corcoran makes a quick offer. She offers exactly what Jacqueline and Jeremy wanted: $100,000 for 10% of the company. Jeremy also asks Barbara to fund purchase orders, and she agrees. The couple happily accepts Barbara’s offer of one of the quickest deals on Shark Tank, and they leave the show feeling happy!

Lady Alpha Availability

As of now, the Lady Alpha website is accepting pre-sale orders that are scheduled to be shipped in May 2024. If you want to know more about the product and the company, visit the Lady Alpha website. There, you can also find numerous picture reviews from satisfied customers!


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