The Fidget Game Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In Season 15, Episode 07 of Shark Tank, Brandi Dugal, a former teacher turned entrepreneur, introduced her company called The Fidget Game. It’s not just a typical game though, Brandi described it as a teacher in a box. Her games are designed to engage multiple senses, align with the science of reading, and help improve literacy in kids. Let’s see if this innovative product can impress the sharks.

The sharks involved were Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran. Did the company manage to close a deal with them? If you have missed the episode somehow and want to know what happened, just read this article. So you can enjoy the whole scenario. Gear up!

The Fidget Game Net Worth

In 2023, the Fidget Game’s net worth was around $3.7 million. As of today, The Fidget Game is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. It’s no wonder, considering how effective it is in teaching reading literacy to young children. Parents and educators must be thrilled to have such a valuable tool. The company’s social media apps are buzzing with activity all the time.

What Happened To The Fidget Game After Shark Tank?

The Fidget Game is thriving after its appearance on Shark Tank. The founder’s hard work and dedication are paying off. In 2024, Brandi is planning to translate the games into different languages and expand internationally. This educational tool will allow even more parents and teachers around the world to benefit from it.

Did The Fidget Game Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

Yes, the company was successful in securing a deal with one of the sharks, Barbara. She offered $500,000 for the stake of 20%, but the entrepreneur countered it with 15%. Is it a correct sentence 9 Barbara accepted the counter offer and that’s how the company got a deal on Shark Tank.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Barbara Corcoran$500,00020% equity$500,000 for 15% equityYes ($500,000 for 15% equity)
Lori GreinerN/AN/AN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Daymond JohnN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mark CubanN/A N/A N/AN/A

The Fidget Game Shark Tank Update

the fidget game net worth

Founder And Backstory

Brandi Dugal, a former teacher turned entrepreneur, created her product. The Fidget Game is an amazing educational tool for kids, making learning a blast.  Brandi’s mission was to help kids conquer reading illiteracy, a challenge faced by many children in America.

It all started when her husband unexpectedly asked for a divorce. While she was grieving, she came across Barbara’s TikTok story about overcoming a similar experience and building an empire.

Inspired by Barbara’s resilience, Brandi moved into her mom’s basement, connected with a supplier, and created the entire company in just one week. Brandi’s journey has been incredible, and she’s enjoying her great success. She overcame all the challenges and worked hard to establish the company.

Initial Pitch

The founder of The Fidget Game, Brandi appeared on Shark Tank in Season 15 and presented her business model in front of investors. She was seeking $500,000 for 10% equity in her company. Brandi recognized the challenge of making learning engaging for kids, which is a big issue in America.

As a teacher, she saw the need for innovation in this area and came up with the idea for The Fidget Game. She took her experience and turned it into a solution that helps kids enjoy the learning process. Then, she also shared her backstory, being inspired by Barbara and finding strength in difficult times, adding an extra layer of inspiration to her journey.

Furthermore, Brandi described the learning process in the game as kids drawing cards. If they get a heart card, they have to know the word by heart. If it’s a lightning bolt card, they have to read it quickly. Whoever says the word correctly first gets to roll the dice and pop bubbles on the fidget popper. The goal is to pop all the bubbles first to win.

Queries About The Product

During the discussion, Brandi shared some impressive figures. She said 85% of her sales come from Amazon, while the remaining 15% come from her website. She initially gathered feedback from a council of 100 teachers who tested her games, which helped her improve them. The company gained popularity on TikTok, leading to increased sales on Amazon. Within just 6 months, her product became the top choice for reading on Amazon.

When the sharks asked about the costs, the entrepreneur said the product’s manufacturing costs range from $3.45 to $3.80, and the customer acquisition cost is $6.80. It retails for $29.99, and net margin has been between 25% and 32%. With these numbers, she expected to make over $1 million this year, even if her sales remain the same. She’s seeking the sharks’ help to expand her product line and take kids through their entire literacy journey, from Pre-K to grade 6.

Shark’s Responses And Final Deal

what happened to the fidget game after shark tank

When it came to making offers, Barbara was the one who was interested in making a deal. She made an offer of $500,000 for 20% equity, and Brandi expressed her love for Barbara and her desire to partner up. Brandi then countered with a 15% equity stake, and Barbara agreed to the new terms. That’s how the deal was sealed!

Products Availability

The Fidget Game product is not only fun but also helps kids with reading difficulties. It’s available for purchase on both Amazon and the company’s website. You can find the game on Amazon by searching for ” The Fidget Game” or you can visit Brandi’s website directly. It’s great that the game is easily accessible through multiple platforms!

When it comes to product retail availability,  the customer acquisition cost is $6.80, and it retails for $29.99. It’s a great value, considering the benefits it provides for kids with reading difficulties.


 The Fidget Game had a successful journey on the show. The founder impressed the sharks and struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran. With this new partnership, the entrepreneur has a great opportunity to take their business to new heights and achieve even greater success.

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