Sip Herbals Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Orleatha Smith, an entrepreneur, comes to Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 22 to sell her product “SIP Herbals”. It’s a tea, like a coffee but without caffeine. She made this tea for those people who can’t take coffee because of their health issues, it’s a replacement for coffee. Orleatha introduced 3 to 4 different flavors of SIP. But will the Shark’s attention like its taste? Let’s check what happens next.

SIP Herbal Net Worth

Although SIP Herbal couldn’t secure deal on Shark Tank but their sales record is amazing. They are projected to make over $250k in revenue this year. As per the company stats and rough data, SIP Herbal net worth is estimated at around $1 million. SIP Herbals has not yet always been smooth sailing but has gained some success, and this year, they had their best sales of the month ever. SIP herbals were also Awarded a Comcast Rise Grant, which has awarded SIP herbals and other more than 13,000 businesses with over $100 million in funding.   

What Happened to SIP Herbal After Shark Tank?

After SIP Herbal’s appearance on Shark Tank, its sales increased, but the company faced many challenges, including maintaining production. Due to this, SIP Herbal failed to meet the demands of people and even finances. But despite these challenges, the company keeps trying to expand its business and also makes people aware of coffee alternatives.

Did SIP Herbal get any deal from Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, no. SIP Herbal did not get any deal from any Shark. Check out to learn those mistakes.

Shark(s) Name        Offer        Demand  Counter Offer      Accepted?
Candace Nelson          OUT          N/A             N/A             NO  
Lori Greiner          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO
Kelvin O’Leary          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO
Daymond John          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO
Mark Cuban          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO

Sip Herbals Shark Tank Update

sip herbals net worth

Founder &Their Backstory

Orleatha Smith is from California. She used to suffer from anxiety, chills and stomach problems every single day. The reason is that her morning cup of coffee was something she found to have to forgo. She has an autoimmune problem that’s why she started to read every ingredient of coffee to find a solution to her problem and alternative to coffee.

In her childhood, she was also suffered from Ezcema and admitted to the hospital for 3 months. At that time, her mother decided to control her diet to get rid of her skin problem without using steroids. Because of this experience, Orleatha came to know about the power of food. She made SIP herbal; her company focuses on Morning Pick Me Up, not coffee, but that still shows her love for the drink.

She made that alternative product with those ingredients that people want to avoid. But this tea is full of the same roosted flavour and aroma of coffee but without caffeine. 

Initial Pitch

Orleatha begins her pitch with her introduction. She is seeking $100k for a 10% stake. She presents her product SIP Herbal an alternative to coffee. She explained the details of her product and its ingredients. She further explains that many people feel their morning is incomplete without a cup of coffee. But some of them can’t take tea because of their health issues. Just like her.

SIP Herbal’s ingredients are good for liver support and gestor support also has a smooth sweet taste but feels like coffee.  It fulfills your need for coffee and has different flavors of coffee that you love. She concluded her pitch by asking Shark’s opinion on who wants to help people reclaim their daily ritual with SIP Herbal. She presents her 3 flavours of SIP Herbal in front of the sharks, they try it. 

Queries About the Product

what happened to sip herbals shark tank

Candace inquired how SIP herbal gives the feel of coffee without caffeine. Orleatha responded that chicory dandelion is the answer. Back when her family was from Louisiana, there was a herb called chicory coffee. As a former biology teacher, she knows that chicory herbs give you the feel of coffee without caffeine and acid.

Kevin asked so, how big do you think this market is.  Orleatha replied that about 20% of Americans cannot tolerate coffee. Kevin questioned her if she thought she should consider a 20% charge of the coffee market. Orleatha said no and would not consider it to be 20% of the coffee market because some people don’t give up no matter what. Candace said I’m one of them.

Candace finds it interesting because she is a coffee person and can’t live without coffee. However, she is curious about how SIP herbs give a feel to coffee without caffeine. Orleatha stated that there is a thing called chicory dandies that gives the feel of coffee without caffeine. Kelvin inquired if she made any money out of it. Orleatha answered with a yes firmly. Our cost to make a SIP herbal bag is around $3, but we sell it for $19 to $24. Mark claps for her.

Candace asked her what is her vision for her brand. Orleatha replied our real goal is to give back the morning ritual to people. So that they don’t get sick with just a sip of drink. Our goal is to back this normality to people and make them feel like they can fit in with their friends and family. We loved to move into coffee shops and are currently moving to retails, and we are hoping to find a place.

Lori asked why did you pick this packing and this name. Orleatha said we just changed packages because people didn’t understand if there was something wrong with our packing. Or people don’t understand what it is. So we decided to say this is a tea.

Shark’s Responses & Final Deal

did sip herbals get a deal on shark tank

Lori loves the taste of the coffee and advises her to improve the packing. She wants to be a customer but not an investor. So, Lori advises her to put this line up there; it’s a tea-like coffee on the package. She also said I like the taste of the tea and love to be a customer, but I can’t invest in this deal, so she is out.

Daymond said he likes her idea but doesn’t think this is the kind of business that wants any investment so he is out. Mark said I appreciate it, but some businesses are great to grow yourself and are not quite investable. So, I don’t think this is investable but I think you have a great opportunity to grow up something special. Because of those reasons, I’m out.

Candace said as I mentioned earlier, I’m a die-hard coffee person. As she won’t wake up without it. So she wants to be a number one cheerleader for anything I’m investing. That’s why I can’t invest in this deal. She was out. But she wished her lots of luck

Kevin said if I invest $100k on 10% or 20% equity. I aim to make millions of bucks but I don’t see this as anything happening too soon. I wish you good luck but I’m out. Orleatha couldn’t get any deal and had to leave the show.

What Went Wrong with SIP Herbals at Shark Tank

SIP Herbals is an alternative to coffee. Only 20% of people in America can’t tolerate coffee but not all 20% give up on coffee no matter what. Shark doesn’t find this business profitable because of big the purchase of coffee. 

Product Availability

SIP herbals are available on its official website and possibly through select retailers. SIP Herbals are also available on Amazon. It is available in 7 different flavours: signature Roast, Cinnamon Roll, Dirty Chai, Royal Mocha, peppermint Mocha, French Vanilla and Salted Maple Blonde.  The price of each packet is $24.99.


Orleatha presents her product in the best possible way. She explains each ingredient and its benefits. She made this product for those people who can’t tolerate coffee because of their health issues. She demands $100k with 10% equity. She sells each package for $24. None of the Sharks made a deal with her. Because they think the product is not profitable. But they appreciate her and wish her good luck for the future.

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