Wedy App Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

A wedding is one of the most important events in every person’s life. Anything small or big, if mismanaged, can ruin the whole mood.

Here comes Wedy to make sure every single detail of your wedding is nothing but perfection. Wedy is a website where couples planning their weddings can easily book all the services they need.

They can choose from different packages that include things like the venue, basic services, and extras like photography or catering. It’s like a one-stop shop for planning the perfect wedding.

The entrepreneurs ask for $300 for 5% equity. Did they get the deal or not? Let’s find out.

Wedy App Net Worth

Wedy App has a great sales record. They generated around $1.6 million in sales in 2023, and they are projected to boost consumer spending by around $3 million. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs couldn’t secure a deal on Shark Tank. So, based on the numbers and revenue record, Wedy net worth is estimated at over $1 million. This is based on their 2023 record sales and projected revenue in 2024. Their net worth will vary based on future growth.

What Happened To Wedy App After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Wedy has taken off!

As per the post of Rumaiza Ali (CEO & Founder of Wedy), here’s the response:

“The response from wedding venues and vendors has been terrific, resulting in an 895% increase in sign-ups and a growing waitlist in the East Coast market. This demand strengthens our drive to build top-notch SaaS tools for the events industry, streamlining back-office tasks and enhancing client experiences for wedding businesses.”

Here’s a snapshot of our growth metrics:
• Website traffic: Increased by 782%
• Downloads: Surged by 450%
• Blog visits: Jumped by a solid 320%

Did Wedy App Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

None of the Sharks made an offer because they felt the business was in its early stages and needed more development. They also noted concerns about low volume, with Mark pointing out the challenges of operating in multiple markets. Kevin mentioned that he was already invested in a similar space, having worked with Honeyfun.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Barbara CorcoranOutN/AN/AN/A
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecOutN/AN/AN/A

Wedy App Shark Tank Update

wedy net worth

Rumaiza and Anas pitched their business to the panel of five Sharks, aiming to showcase its growth potential. To secure investment from Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Barbara Corcoran, they presented a solid business plan, strong financials, and sales data. However, it wasn’t just about the numbers; they also demonstrated their ability to lead the company to meet the high standards expected by the Sharks.

Founder BackStory

wedy app founders on shark tank

Wedy was started by Rumaiza Fathima Ali, who has a background in wedding planning and entrepreneurship. Rumaiza’s journey as a bride-to-be sparked the idea for Wedy. She faced difficulties with the lack of transparency in wedding planning processes. Rumaiza noticed issues like hidden costs, delays in vendor responses, trouble comparing quotes, and the headache of keeping track of payments and budgets. This led her to create Wedy, aiming to simplify and streamline the entire wedding planning experience.

Rumaiza Fathima Ali brings a wealth of experience from diverse ventures. She founded The Little House of Cupcakes, a pastry shop that supported 80,000 home bakers and small businesses. Additionally, she co-founded The Dream Theme, a successful wedding design studio that received awards. Her professional journey also includes roles as an architectural intern and currently serving as an advising leader at FLIK – Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge.

Wedy is part of Capital Factory, a hub for entrepreneurs in Texas. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Wedy has made a significant impact. It has enabled over 110 wedding professionals to earn meaningful income through its platform. Moreover, it’s projected to generate over a quarter-million dollars in direct consumer spending across Colorado, Texas, and Southern California.

Initial Pitch

what happened to wedy app after shark tank

In their pitch, Wedy founders Rumaiza Ali and Anas Ali took a bold move by getting a real couple married on live TV, with Kevin O’Leary, also known as Mr. Wonderful, serving as the officiant. As a fun twist, the ‘Shark Tank’ investor also earned some cash through the app for officiating the wedding.

Queries about the Product 

After the shark tank’s first wedding, sharks asked about the business and how it works. The couple explained that Wedy’s platform aims to tackle challenges head-on by offering clear pricing, customizable packages, and the ability to communicate with professionals and book services directly through the app.

They promise transparent pricing without any hidden fees, covering everything from personalized flowers to catering, including taxes and service charges. A standout feature of Wedy is its ability to consolidate all wedding services under one contract and price, eliminating the need for multiple vendor agreements.

The platform also provides dedicated wedding planners to assist couples with venue requirements, timelines, seating arrangements, insurance, vendor coordination, and other planning aspects.

Wedy boasts a carefully curated selection of over 360 venues nationwide and more than 1,500 local wedding professionals, with an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The company claims to offer more affordable packages compared to the national average wedding cost, with an average of $15,600 versus the national average of $33,139.

Moreover, Wedy is committed to empowering small businesses by supporting local and creative entrepreneurs who are driven by passion and purpose. They highlight the dedication of their vendors to providing the best possible experience and making couples’ dream weddings a reality.

Shark Responses and Final Deal

The Sharks didn’t offer any deal. Robert mentioned potential in the future but found it challenging, so he bowed out. Mark highlighted the difficulty of operating in seven markets with low volume, expressing concerns about potential mishaps causing chaos.

Barbara praised Rumaiza but emphasized the need for slow, continuous development, ultimately deciding not to invest. Lori felt the business was still in its early stages and preferred more developed ventures. Kevin, also known as Mr. Wonderful, admired the presentation but cited existing involvement in the industry with Honeyfun, leading him to decline.

What Went Wrong With Wedy On Shark Tank?

Nothing went wrong as the entrepreneurs gave the best presentation and impressed the sharks. However, they are very early in their business and still need a lot of work to do with their app. So, for those reasons, all sharks are out, and they haven’t offered any deal.

Product Availability

If you’re getting ready for your big day, head over to Wedy’s official website. There, you can pick a package that suits you best. Expect all-inclusive packages to range from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on where you are.

First, choose the venue that speaks to you. Then, with the help of Wedy’s Planning Concierge, you can select from various services like flowers, makeup, and photography. Finally, pick one of the top-tier vendors from their list to make your wedding truly unforgettable.


Planning a wedding can be exciting, but it’s also a lot of work and can be stressful. Luckily, with Wedy, you can wave goodbye to all the hassle. This software makes organizing the biggest day of your life with your partner much easier.

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