Minus Cal Shark Tank Update – Minus Cal Shark Tank Net Worth

From Nashville, Tennessee, two entrepreneurs, Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, are at Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 1. They are here to help America reduce weight. They claimed their product can restrain the human body from absorbing fat using natural ingredients.

They demand for $500,000 with 20% equity. But will they be able to convince Sharks that their product can lose weight? Let’s see one of the most heated arguments on Shark Tank.

Minus Cal Shark Tank Net Worth

Currently. Minus Cal is no longer in business anymore. It is no longer operational and does not have functional products for sale. Minus Cal’s net worth is estimated at $28,000 before it goes out of business.

What Happened to Minus Cal After Shark Tank?

After Shark Tank, the product was sold on Amazon, but the reviews were negative. Many of the consumers commented that the product tasted not good or wasn’t flavorful. While some others claim it to be a scam. These comments about the product pushed the company to be closed.

Did Minus Cal get the deal at Shark Tank?

No. The deal wasn’t sealed and even ended up unpleasantly. Mark and Crom ended up in a debate, and a rapid fire of questions went on till all Sharks went out. But Sharks were not for the blame. Read till the end to know how and why Sharks were argumentative.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Daniel LubetzkyOutN/AN/ANo
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/ANo
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/ANo
Robert HerjavcOutN/AN/ANo
Mark CubanOutN/AN/ANo

Minus Cal Shark Tank Update

what happened to minus cal after shark tank

Pitch and Offers

Barrett and Crom began their pitch and introduced themselves. They stated their demand as $500,000 with 20% equity. Barrett talked about the overweight statistics in America. He said there are 45 million Americans every year who want to start the diet. But still ended up obese or overweight. This indicates that there is something wrong. Next, he explained the workings of his product.

He said that the fat in the human body when attempting to digest with food, an ingredient reacts. Choleve is an ingredient in their protein bars and tablets that helps not let the fat get absorbed. As it’s not absorbed, it is flushed out of the body. Next, Crom explained about Choleve.

He explained that Choleve is a natural ingredient extracted from fermented tea leaves. And it’s their business secret. The extract is mixed with various delicious natural recipes to help people lose weight and achieve their health goals. Barrett closed the pitch and Lori asked for the samples. It was placed on their tables within a couple of seconds.

Queries about the Product

Daniel then joked about the pairing of the tablets. Chrome explained that the two tablets should be taken before each meal. These tablets help reduce cholesterol absorption in the body. He revealed that he has been using this product for the last 12 years. Robert exclaimed with a dislike and stated it didn’t taste good. Daniel inquired about the Choleve. He further explained it.

Crom then explained that Choleve is found in fresh tea leaves and can be extracted from it. They use molecular technology to extract it and increase its potential to 20 times. Mark jumped in with the query to learn the results-driven from it. He then stated that it serves two purposes. First, it reduces cholesterol from 17 to 20% in a clinical test 12 years ago. The results were claimed with research papers showing that 100 calories flush out of the body due to their ingredient.

Daniel inquired about the safe use of the product. Both Barrett and Crom claimed that it’s safe for everyone. Mark steps in with some queries that the claim of reducing 100 calories out of every human body with just two pills. Both entrepreneurs immediately disagreed with the statement. Barrett said it will reduce a percentage of the portion of what you eat.

Mark went on with the branding. The branding said that the product helps reduce calories. Daniel inquired about the time since the product was launched. Barrett responded with the answer recently. Robert stepped in with the sales prediction that will be minimal as it’s the beginning. Mark began with some harsh comments stating it to be air and invented nothing to name it.

Shark’s Responses and Final Deal

While Lori was up with her questions, Crom and Mark went into a heated debate. The back-and-forth debate on molecular technology of Choleve usage leads it to the end. Daniel was the first Shark to step out due to his philosophy. He believed nature wanted them to consume solid food but not the only extracted ones, So he’s out. Next, Kevin stepped out with a clear message. He stated that a startup with no revenue and a high demand of $500,000 isn’t a good investment.

Lori stepped out due to her lack of confidence in products that are claimed to be miraculous. Last was Robert. He was out of the lack of clarity in the working of the product. He also criticized Mark for his harsh comments and impatient attitude towards others. The debate was flamed when entrepreneurs’ claims and statements were mismatched and changed every time. Robert got flustered, too, and Mark stepped out. Both Barrett and Crom left the room. And Sharks tried to calm down the tension in the air.

What Went Wrong with Minus Cal Deal on Shark Tank?

Minus Cal product hold less credibility, which actually made the Sharks give up on the deal. This was not the only reason to back out. Changing statements, wrong branding, and misleading pitch were reasons that actually made the Sharks frustrated with the idea. Eventually, they back out with no possible result for progress.

Product Availability

Minus Cal is a product line with protein bars and supplements that reduce weight and cholesterol. This product contains Choleve extracted from tea leaves and reduces cholesterol as it does not allow the fat to be absorbed in the body and lose calories. The product is no longer available. After the company ran out of business, the product was no longer manufactured.

Final Verdict

Two entrepreneurs came to the Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 1 to reduce weight and live a healthy life. Bareet and Crom began the pitch with a great, amusing demo in their pitch. After the pitch, the discussion converted into a high-voltage argument. This led the Sharks to make harsh comments as entrepreneurs’ statements kept shuffling.

They demanded for $500,000 with 20% shares for investors. However, due to the argument and misleading statements, the deal was not sealed. All Shark were out and this caused the entrepreneurs to leave.

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