Mosh Protein Bar Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Maria Shiver and Patrick Schwarzenegger, a mother-son duo and business partners, are at the Shark Tank in Season 15, Episode 22. They have crafted a protein bar full of nutrients and ingredients for the brain. They are putting a great effort into the research of Alzheimer’s disaster after Maria lost her father. But will Sharks help them fulfill their mission of helping brain functionality? let’s find out.

Mosh Net Worth

Lori invested $500k for 3.5% equity in the company. Based on the company stats and Lori’s investment, Mosh net worth is estimated at around $25 million. But wait, as the show aired, Mosh experienced a boost in website traffic and sales. Based on my rough data, if the company maintains its growth and expands its market, its net worth will be more than $35 million in the next year.

What Happened to Mosh after Shark Tank?

There are 2 things happened after the show aired:

1. As the show aired, Mosh received a massive boost in website traffic, sales, and social media exposure. Based on the current stats, they are doing a great job and their net worth has already increased.

2. Many Shark Tank fans are criticizing the Mosh founders. Reason? The reason is that the founders are already wealthy. They have a net worth in the millions. Despite their wealth, they appeared on Shark Tank for investment. Maria Shriver is the ex-wife of the famous celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has a net worth of more than $100 million and Patrick Schwarzenegger has a net worth of $8 million. Despite their wealth, they are in hot waters due to their appearance on Shark Tank for investment.

I must clear one thing, not all entrepreneurs are after money. Many look for mentorship and the exposure they get through Shark Tank. The same thing can be applied to Mosh. They did a great job in sales and marketing and successfully appeared and secured a deal. There are many myths common among the audience, and we have already uncovered similar myths in a separate article. Please check Shark Tank myths to learn more.

    Did Mosh get a deal at Shark Tank?

    Despite the competitive market, Mosh secured a deal with Lori. Lori invested $500k for 3.5% equity in the company. It was an amazing episode filled with deals and negotiation.

    Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
    Candace NelsonOUTN/AN/ANo
    Lori Greiner#1$500,000 for 6% equity

    #2$500,000 for 5% equity
    $500,000 for 2% equity#1$500,000 for 3.5% equity

    #2$500,000 for 3.5% equity with 1% advisory shares
    Kevin O’LearyOUTN/AN/ANo
    Daymond JohnOUTN/AN/ANo
    Mark CubanOUTN/AN/ANo

    Mosh Protein Bar Shark Tank Update

    mosh protein bar net worth

    Founders & Their Backstory

    Maria lost her father due to Alzheimer’s in 2011. Since then, she has been on a mission to work on better brain functioning, which could lead to reduced cases around the globe. Whereas, Patrick is an actor and a businessman who has invested in many consumer packaged foods like Liquid IV, Poppi, and Super Coffee.

    Initial Pitch

    Maria and Patrick begin their pitch with an introduction. This mother and son duo are also business partners in their product called Mosh. Mosh is a protein-loving bar for the brain that is filled with 13 different nutrients for your brain. She then shared her memory of her father’s disease. Her father, Robert Sargent Shriver Jr, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2003, which led to the cause of his death in 2011.

    So, she decided to work hard on nutrients that can help the brain to function better. Patrick then proposed their demand of $500,000 for 2% equity. Candace exclaimed Woohoo! To which Maria depicted that Sharks like the pitch. Maria concluded the pitch to know the Shark’s responses. A sample of Mosh’s best sellers was presented to the Sharks so they could taste the bars.

    Queries about the Product

    what happened to mosh protein bar after shark tank

    Candace likes the lemon flavor as it has the textures too. Moving on, Maria shared her experience when she started to research about Alzheimer’s 27 years ago. Many around didn’t believe her but now, the latest research has shown that 50% of Alzheimer’s cases can be prevented by changing lifestyle. 

    Moreover, she also disclosed that Alzheimer’s disease mostly impacts women. The reason is unknown for now. However, the research shows that ⅔ of women are more likely to have Alzheimer’s than men in their mid-life. Most of them are caretakers. Kevin begins his queries regarding the product. He stated that as per their offer, a protein bar is worth $25 million.

    Patrick then stated that they made $10 million in sales online. He further mentioned that their target sales for this year are 7 million, and for the next year, it’s $11.5 million. Lori inquired if they were profitable. Patrick responded with a no, as they are very focused on marketing. He further explained that if they stop marketing, they will have the revenue generated. Candace inquired about marketing expenses. Patrick responded that they are spending 100,000 dollars a month

    Daymond inquired about the cost of the manufacturing and sale. Patrick responded that the cost of manufacturing is 93 cents, with retail at $29.99, and on shelves, it is $33.99. Mark inquired about the sales and marketing costs last month. Patrick responded that they made $675,000 and $150,000 for marketing, along with 11,000 subscriptions per month. Patrick further explained that the revenue of $200,000 could be just tomorrow if they stopped their marketing, 

    Lorin inquired about the person who runs the company. Both said us together with 5 fulltime employees. Patrick informed me that they are full-time employees without salaries and have invested their money. Kevin inquired how much money is invested. Patrick replied that they invested a million dollars from their pockets, another one and a half million from friends and family, and $4 million as fundraising this year. Sharks inquired about the company’s valuation, to which Patrick could respond,

    Candace said that she likes the vision, but there is no exact figure for the valuation. She asked them to provide a walkthrough of their investment plan. Maria responded with yes rapidly when Candace inquired about their interest in retail.

    Shark’s Responses & Final Deal

    did mosh protein bar get a deal on shark tank

    Kevin said he understands Maria’s passion, but the protein bar in the retail market is very competitive. Maria informed Sharks that their product is in 9 stores along with Bar Nut, but she disagrees with Kevin’s opinion. Kevin exclaimed that he was choking on valuation, so he was out. Next comes Mark. He appreciated the vision, but their product is the most competitive market ever. So, he backed out.

    Daymond backed out for the same reason as he considered the profit margin to be too high to gain profit. Candace also stepped out. She appraised their idea and product, but the market was too competitive to make a profit, so she backed out. Only Lori is left. Lori mentioned her concerns just like fellow Sharks.

    Patrick explained that they aren’t just a protein bar; they are brain health supplements. She questioned Maria why it was so important for her. Maria shared her experience with her father. From being the smartest man to someone who doesn’t even remember his name or who he is. So, she is on a mission to understand what does happen to the brain and what could be done to prevent this disease. 

    Finally, Lori made an offer. She offered $500,000 for 6% equity. Patrick counter-offered it for 3.5%. She refused and revised it to 5%. Patrick counter-offered $500,000 for 3.5% equity with 1% advisory shares. Lori mentioned that their deal is just .5% away from her offer, as she deserves it. Mark suggested 7.5 each, but Kevin interrupted him as this would be the biggest mistake. After a a few seconds of discussion, Maria and Patrick sealed the deal too. 

    What Went Wrong with Mosh at Shark Tank

    Due to the saturated market of protein bars, Sharks stepped out. However, the entrepreneurs came unprepared. As for the query of valuation, entrepreneurs couldn’t reply with a valid figure. So, Sharks like Kevin stepped out. This is crucial to determine for both entrepreneurs and investors.

    Product Availability

    There are various Mosh products for sale online. But the recent sale is on the Mosh’s Mind Blowing Variety Pack with 15 different flavors for $43.19. Plant-based bundles are also available in their product line.


    Patrick and Maria are on a mission to help the human brain perform better. This can help Alzheimer’s patients in the future. They proposed for $500,000 for 2% equity. Despite good sales and great marketing expenses, Sharks stepped out. No valuation or a marketplace that was too saturated were the reasons for their decision. 

    But Lori made an offer. She offered $500,000 for 5%, but Patrick came up with another ration. But Lori refused. After two rounds of negotiation, Patrick and Maria made a deal with Lori.

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