Nopalera Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

A beauty product made out of cactus. With the environmental benefit of decreasing the use of plastic bottles and using the Mexican botanicals to nourish the skin. This was the idea that Sandra brought to the shark tank with her Mexican botanical skin care products.

Sandra valued her company at $6 million and asked for $300,000 for 5% equity in her company. She wants to empower and celebrate the Latina culture. Will the sharks buy into her skincare products? To find out, Read below!

Nopalera Net Worth

Sandra Valasquez asked for a $300,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in her company, Nopalera. This meant she valued her company at $6 million. She did not make a deal with any of the sharks. After the show aired, Nopalera saw a big increase in product interest, sales, and social media exposure. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Sandra was able to achieve seed funding of $2.7 million from L’Attitude Ventures and six other angel investors. With an estimated 10% yearly growth rate (typical business growth), the current net worth of Nopalera is about $8.8 million.

What Happened to Nopalera After Shark Tank?

Nopalera did not get a deal on the shark tank; despite this fact, Sandra turned her shark tank appearance into a product and ventured into a new SKU. Her new SKU is called “Stand in your worth.” Daniel has also promoted her business on his socials and asked people to buy the shark tank bundle. The shark tank bundle is the most expensive SKU on the website and is sold out at the time of writing this article.

Nopalera has also launched t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and soap dishes. All these SKUs came from the slogan “Stand in your worth,” which came from Shark Tank. Sandra has been able to optimize her experience of walking away from the shark tank without a deal. Sandra has also been able to achieve seed funding of $2.7 million from L’Attitude Ventures and six other angel investors. The company L’Attitude Ventures is known for investing in Latino-owned businesses.

Did Nopalera get a deal in Shark Tank?

No, despite the fact that Sandra had two offers, one from Kevin and one from Daniel, she decided to not take either and walked away. Lori, Mark, and Daymond thought that the evaluation was wrong and that the business was not there yet; hence, they all bowed out. Kevin offered $300,000 for 30% equity in the company, and once he made that offer, Daniel couldn’t resist and jumped into the pool as well. Daniel made the offer of $300,000 for 25% equity.

Kevin urged Sandra to consider the offers. Sandra, however, countered with $600,000 for 10% equity in the company, which was the same as her initial offer with no wiggle room at all. The sharks were surprised as this was the first time an entrepreneur had stood their ground and chosen to not negotiate at all. With that, Kevin and Daniel both retracted their offers, and Sandra walked out of the shark tank.

Shark(s) nameOffer & DemandCounterofferAccepted?
Daniel Lubetzky$300,000 for 25% equity$600,000 for 10%No
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/A
Kevin O’Leary$300,000 for 30%600,000 for 10%No
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/A

Nopalera Shark Tank Update

nopalera net worth


Sandra has been a musician her entire life. She believed that being a musician was her purpose in life. She was the lead singer of a Latin alternative brand. She used to be a Spanish lead singer in the band. She said that it seemed like a big jump for her to go from singing in a band to owning and running a business. However, for her, the mission was the same, which was celebrating the Latina culture and helping the Latina people to be seen and be proud.

She lives in New York, which is a very expensive city. To be able to afford living in such an expensive city, she had to work during the day. She worked as a sales representative for CPG brands. However, she was let go by the company with a student loan debt; she was 43 years old and had to raise a child as a single parent. She knew then that in order to survive, she had to come up with a business idea that was unlike anything she had been a part of.

She also realized the importance of knowledge and invested in herself. She enrolled in formulation school to help her be more aware and knowledgeable about the product’s development process. She was flabbergasted by the fact that the Latino community had been brainwashed to use products that are made by French and Italian brands. She is driven by wanting to aspire to show the Latino community what is possible and what can be achieved with willpower. She intends to be herself and prove to the Latino community to aspire to be their original self rather than aspiring to be someone else.

Initial Pitch

Sandra Valasquez came into the Shark Tank asking for $300,000 for 5% of company equity. Sandra has made a brand out of cactus; cactus is called Nopals in the Latina language. Cactus is a versatile plant and can be used for eating skin care and textiles. She explained to the sharks that she used the cactus to make the brand Nopalera.

Nopalera uses Mexican botanicals to make bath and body soaps and moisturizers. Nopalera uses cactus as the main ingredient to make bath and body soaps, which are designed and shaped to look similar to cactus. The products offered are nourishing cactus soap, cactus flower exfoliant, and moisturizing botanical bars.

Sandra created Nopalera to elevate and celebrate Latino culture and change the perception of Latino goods. Also further inspires the Latino community to stand in their worth. She asked the sharks who were ready to help her build the next Latina Legacy brand.

Queries about the Product

what happened to nopalera after shark tank

Kevin asked about the brand’s sales. Sandra told him that Nopalera was launched in the middle of the pandemic, November 2020, and the sales that year were $19,000. In 2021, her full year in business, she sold goods worth $607,000. In early 2022, the time of her appearance on the show, she had sales worth $335,000, and the projection for that year was $1 million.

Robert asked whether the sales were being made B2C or retail. Sandra told him that the business was 50% B2B and 50% wholesale. In the wholesale, the product is available at Nordstrom, Credo Beauty, Free People, and over 350 boutiques nationwide.

Robert applauded her for her success but was spectacle about the $6 million evaluation. Sandra told him that she had meetings lined up with the top two beauty retailers in the next 30 days. Her business is at the hockey stick moment of the business, and the tidal wave is coming, she told the sharks. The company also has international interests as well and cannot say yes to them because the operational setup was not in place.

Kevin asked if she would be profitable by the end of the year or break even. Sandra told him that according to the forecast for the year, she knows they will be profitable in Q4 or by the end of the year. During the holiday season and Hispanic Heritage Month, the business will hit the revenue goals.

Sharks Responses and Final Deal

Daymond said that he applauded the work she was doing and that she is a proud father of two Latina girls. But to be able to invest in the company, he would have to ask for a bigger percentage, and that could compromise her mission; hence, he bowed out.

Lori said that her mission and her intention were great. However, the business was not investable for her, so she bowed out. Mark went next and commended her on her accomplishments. The evaluation in relation to what he could add was really high, and that’s why he bowed out.

Kevin and most of the sharks believed that the evaluation was wrong and that the company was not there yet. The company didn’t have the infrastructure yet to reach the $6 million evaluation. Kevin told her that her company wasn’t more than $1 million and that she could use his retail contacts to get into more places.

Daniel, on the other hand, had a bad experience in this industry as an entrepreneur and, despite his willingness to make an offer, chose not to.

What went wrong for Nopalera on the Shark Tank?

For the first time in the history of Shark Tank, an entrepreneur chose not to negotiate and stuck their ground. There were two offers available to Sandra; however, the sharks were asking for more than she was willing to give. Hence, she chose to counter with 10% and $600,000; the amount was double what she had asked initially, and the evaluation was the same as before. This led the sharks to bow out and not invest. This is why Sandra walked away without a deal.

Product Availability

The products are available on the website of the company, which is, There are three retailers that are selling the product: Nordstrom, Free People, and Credo Beauty. Hence, it seems like the two major retailers that Sandra spoke about in the shark tank have not materialized. Sandra is also working on wholesale and other national retailers and will soon be available in some of the largest beauty retailers in the country.   


Sandra came into the shark tank asking for $300,000 for 5% equity in her company. Her company, Nopalera, is a skin care product line made out of cactus that has ingredients that help nourish your skin. She was able to win over Kevin and Daniel while the other sharks bowed out. However, the offers made to her by Daniel and Kevin did not match the amount of equity she was willing to give away.

Hence, she stuck her ground and solemnly believed that the $6 million evaluation was accurate. This is why Kevin and Daniel decided to walk away and retract their offers. However, Sandra didn’t walk away empty-handed; she left with her head held high and the slogan “Stand in your Worth.”  For further updates about the shark tank, follow us.

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