SplashZen Shark Tank Update – SplashZen Net Worth

SplashZen is a bathtub splash guard designed to keep water where it belongs – inside the tub. Tanya and Rodney, entrepreneurs of SplashZen, were motivated by a common and frustrating issue in their household. They noticed that every bath time was messy, especially with children who love playing in the water.

Typically, kids’ bath time meant water ended up everywhere but in the tub, leaving parents to clean up the surrounding area afterwards. Tanya and Rodney created SplashZen to solve this, ensuring that bath time remains fun for kids without creating extra cleanup for parents.

They pitched their product and asked for $100k for 10% equity in their company. Did they seal the deal or not? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

SplashZen Net Worth

SplashZen has reached an impressive estimated net worth of $80,000.

What happened to SplashZen after Shark Tank?

In just the past six months since they began sales, they have seen considerable success. This product addresses a common issue faced by many, offering a simple solution that could significantly improve their daily lives.

Did SplashZen get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, the couple locked the deal with Barbara for $100k for 14% equity + a $100k line of credit.

Episode Summary

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Barbara Corcoran$100k +$100k line of credit15% Equity14% EquityYes
Kevin O’LearyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Lori Greiner$100k20% EquityNoNo
Mark CubanN/AN/AN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecN/AN/AN/AN/A

SplashZen Shark Tank Update

what happened to splashzen after shark tank

Splashzen owners Tanya and Rodney asked for $100k for 10% equity in their company. They have created a unique product for bath time, solving the splashing problem. The couple amazed the judges. However, they received only two offers from Lori and Barbara, and finally, they sealed the deal with Barbara Corocon.

Founders and BackStory

Tanya Rasmussen, who graduated from the University of Utah College of Health, also got a Teaching Certificate from Brigham Young University—Hawaii. She worked as a health and PE teacher at American Preparatory Academy Charter School for over three years, from 2011 to 2014. In August 2014, she started Evolve Fitness Utah and managed it until August 2021. Now, she is not only the co-founder of SplashZen but also works as an Associate Inflight Engagement Coordinator at Alaska Airlines.

Rodney Rasmussen graduated from Brigham Young University and earned an MBA from the University of Utah. He began his career at Kuali, Inc. as a Product Marketing Manager and later taught as an Adjunct Instructor at Utah Valley University.

He joined Evolve Fitness Utah as a Co-founder in 2018 and worked as a Product Marketing Manager at RainFocus. In 2021, he started working at Remote as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. In August 2021, both Tanya and Rodney started SplashZen, with Tanya focusing on marketing and customer satisfaction.

Rodney and Tanya Rasmussen are set to introduce SplashZen, their innovative splash guard, on Shark Tank episode 1512. Designed to keep water inside the tub during bath time for kids and pets, SplashZen was born out of the Rasmussens’ own messy experiences. They noticed that splashing not only made bath time chaotic but also led to water damage in their bathroom.

After spending three years on design and planning, they finally brought SplashZen to market, promoting it through TikTok videos. The product works like a flexible plastic barrier that extends the height of the bathtub walls. It combines a splash guard with a suction cup strip to prevent water from spilling out. Once you’re done with bath time, the guard can be easily rolled up, similar to a sideways window shade.

Initial Pitch

Their pitch was quite interesting as they showed their cute little boys playing and splashing water in the bathtub. The couple was wearing orange SplashZen jackets and whistles, looking for safeguards for their kids. The pitch was pretty exciting.

Queries about the Pitch

Kevin O Leary said that this product is hard to work in retail due to the packaging. He says that if he saw the product on the shelf, he would not have any idea what it was. However, Lori loved the sturdiness of the product and liked that it was well-made.

Robert asked about the cost of making and selling. Rodney told them that Splaszen costs $40 to make, and they sell it for $99. Sharks asked for past sales. Rodney told them that total sales were $80k, which is $10k in the last three months of last year.

Shark Responses and Final Deal

Mark Cuban Robert and Kevin O Leary are out for reasons mainly connected to retail, as it will take a lot of effort to educate the customer. Lori Greiner gave the offer of $100k for 20% equity. Barbara Corcoran offered $100k +$100k line of credit on 15% equity, which the couple counteroffer and sealed the deal with Barbara for $100k for 14% equity + $100k line of credit.

Product Availability

As for the pricing of SplashZen, both the products for dogs and kids are set at $99 each, while you can purchase the bath toy organizer at $19. It’s also popular among dog owners who want to dry their floors during pet baths. The clear, flexible design makes it easy to reach children or pets in the tub. They are selling it only on their website, but they’re probably looking for Shark’s assistance to get it into more retail outlets.


Any idea, whether big or small, if continued with passion and dedication, becomes something big. The couple worked hard to make every parent’s life easy by creating a product that would solve bath time problems.

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