Flora Shark Tank Update – Flora Net Worth

On Season 15 Episode 14 of Shark Tank, Aabesh De, a young entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennesse, saves plants in the best way. His invention is a plant monitor that monitors all the factors essential for its health.

And its app is the ultimate guide that you need to support, sustain, and prolong their lovely plants. Let’s see if this product will be supported by the Sharks investment or not.

Flora Net Worth

Flora net worth is $0.5 million. The company is in business and is printing dollars.

What Happened to Flora After Shark Tank?

Flora’s sales have boosted since their appearance on the show. The price was a bit increased later. Although the progress was slow, the app has a good star review of 4.7 on the App Store and 4.2 on the Play Store. The company has grown to more than 22 employees and has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and the U.S.

Did Flora get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Flora got a deal with Lori Greiner. This deal was done after a round of counteroffers within a few minutes. This deal is a must-watch for entrepreneurs trying to appear on Shark Tank.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert HerjavacOutN/AN/ANo
Lori Greiner$300,00030%$300,000 with 15% shares and 5% advisory with $2 royalty per sale till recoveredYes (to counteroffer)
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/ANo
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/ANo
Mark CubanOutN/AN/ANo

Flora Shark Tank Update

what happened to flora after shark tank

Founders and their Backstory

Aabesh De was born in Calcutta, India, and was a first-generation immigrant from India. His parents shifted around the world and finally settled in America. Aabesh went to Indiana and got a remote job at Microsoft in the COVID era. During that duration, he watched all his plants dying as he wasn’t knowledgeable about their care. So, he invented the product after quitting Microsoft.

Aabesh De was inspired by an incident in his life. His beloved mother gifted him a bush plant. She cared for and cherished the plant for many years, but Aabesh lost it in just eight days. This hit him with sorrow and guilt. So, he created a plant health monitor.

Initial Pitch

Aabesh begins the pitch with his introduction. He then placed his demand for $300,000 with 10% equity in his company, Flora. Aabesh begins his pitch with an amusing way about his invention or product. He confessed his guilt of killing his mother’s loved plant. So, he invented the Flora pod. It is a plant monitor that checks vitals like water and sunlight for that plant.

Apart from that plant, the app is fabulous in various ways. Water reminders, care guides, plant identification, and much more. Moreover, users can add their plants by naming them and adding their species. A stats will always be ready and take care of whatever is needed for its better health and growth. As the product introduction was completed, Abesh closed the pitch and presented an amazing outro.

Queries about the Product

Kevin was the first Shark to begin by inquiring about the cost and sales price of each item. Aabesh responded with $28 as the cost and $49 as the selling price. Kevin was furious about the sale price as he thought it was pretty cheap. All the other Sharks jumped in to save the situation and shot their questions. Lori inquired if there would be one Flore pod of one plant only. Aabesh explained that it can take care of all plants in the room, like AirPods.

Robert inquired about the factors that it gives the user about their plant. Water, sunlight, temperature, and humidity were the list stated by Aabesh in response. Lori then asked about the assistance for the stats given, and Aabesh informed them that it provided the users with the guidelines they needed to take care of their plants. Then she inquired about competition.

Aabesh informed me that there is competition in this marketplace, but theories are limited to information only. They do not assist. Mark was interested in sales. Aabesh informed me that the gross sale was $192,000 last year and as the first business year. $144,000 from app subscriptions and $50,000 from Flora pods sales. Robert questioned if the business was profitable or not.

Aabesh responded with not yet. He further explained that the company lost $500,000 and raised auto $670,000 from their well-wishers. Barbara inquired about Aabesh’s background, and he then spoke out. Next, Robert went on with the cost of the subscription. He placed his stats as $10 for a month and $60 for a yearly subscription with 3000 paid subscribers and 225,000 users.

Shark’s Responses and Final Deal

Robert and Mark stepped out due to their interest in this niche. Barbara was interested as she loves the plants, but she isn’t interested in the paid subscription thing. So she stepped out. Kevin admired the presentation, but he did not like the plants, so he stepped out too.

The last hope and Shark was Lori. Lori amusingly placed her offer of $300,000 with 30% equity. This pushed Aabesh into a thought process, and he counteroffer. He placed another offer of $300,000 with 15% shares and 5% advisory with a $2 royalty per sale till recovered. She quickly accepted the deal. All Sharks appraised his smartness, and he left with a deal sealed.

What went wrong with Flora at Shark Tank

Aabesh presented a fabulous pitch and was pretty entertaining as well. But Sharks are interested in the money growth model. The plant niche wasn’t their area of knowledge and interest, so they preferred the proposal.

Product Availability

Flora pods can be purchased from their website and Amazon. The price might differ from the ones mentioned on the show at the time of filming. The Flora app is available on Play Store and App Store.


Aabesh left his six-figure job at Microsft and built his own company, Flora. He invented a Flore pod as a plant monitor to track the plant’s health and growth. The Flora app is also available online to assist users and help them with their plant-related concerns. After an outstanding pitch, all Sharks left out except Lori.

In a round of counter offers, she agreed with Aabesh on $300,000 with 15% shares and 5% advisory shares, along with a royalty of $2 on each unit sale price. Lori agreed, and Aabesh left cheerfully.

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