Genius Litter Shark Tank Update – Genius Litter Net Worth

An animal lover, Ramon Van Meer, is on Shark Tank Season 15, Episode 13, to save the animal’s lives. His product helps cats and dogs to get their medical aid on time. It is very helpful for pet owners to keep their pets safe and healthy.

He demanded for $250,000 with 10% equity. The presentation is good; the business is making good money and has potential growth. But how will the Sharks agree to it? Let’s see whether he gets the deal or not. 

Genius Litter Net Worth

Genius Litter is estimated to be $3.6 million. It’s currently in business. The business has grown to Austin, Texas, and the United States. The company has extended to 11 to 50 employees and is still reaching high heights.

Did the Genius Litter get the deal on Shark Tank?

Yes! He did. He secured the deal with Mark, Robert, and Lori with his demanded money of $250,000 with 8% shares and 2% advisory shares. This deal was fixed after a chain of counter deals, even with Sharks, who backed out. This final deal discussion was amazing. Read till the end to know the rollercoaster of deals.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer MadeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert Herjavc$250,00010% equity$250,000 with 8% equity and 2% advisoryYes
Lori Greiner$250,00010% equity$250,000 with 8% equity and 2% advisoryYes
Mark Cuban$250,00010% equity$250,000 with 8% equity and 2% advisoryYes
Kevin O’Leary$250,00010% equity$250,000 with 13% equity and 2% advisoryNo
Emma Grede$250,000N/AN/ANo

Genius Litter Shark Tank Update

genius litter shark tank deal

Genius Litter And its uses

Genius Litter is a pet litter product that has various benefits. It has better odor control that soaks all the bad odors and stinky smells. It contains less dust that spreads less on the house.

Most importantly, it is a health indicator. It helps pet owners recognize the health issues they’re dealing with. The litter changes color according to the pH of the excretion of their pets. 

It is very helpful for the owners to understand their pets’s condition. This can help the pets to be cured on time. The pet owners can understand as the litter changes colors. Detecting the issues is most important to proceed with the health issue. 

Founder and backstory

Ramon is a businessman and has lost his beloved cat, Quinsel. It has Urinary Tract Infection(UTI). He aims to save other pets like his from diseases and infections. So, he started his business to prevent other pet owners from losing them.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

Ramon Van Meer began the pitch with an interesting style. He introduced himself and his puppet dog, KevinO’Perry, as the company’s founder, Genius Litter. He demanded for $250,000 with 4% equity. He began to explain the connection between the cats and their owners. As humans, we don’t understand what our cats are saying. But with the help of this product, we can understand what our cat is saying. 

He further explained that all cat owners love and care for their cats. But it becomes very painful to watch them sick. His product, Genius Litter, is a health detector for cats that can help its owners recognize their health issues. This litter changes color when the cat’s litter is identified with health problems. This litter absorbs better, soaks all the odors, and doesn’t spread around the house. 

Ramon has also donated many of its bags to various animal shelters. In the outro, Ramon asked which Shark would help the cats have healthier and safer lives. He then sought permission to change into normal work clothes as he was dressed as a lab chemist. He removed his fake hair and mustache while Sharks were amazed as he looked quite younger. He had a firm accent as he belonged to the Netherlands.

Discussion on pitch and offer.

genius litter discussion on pitch and offer on shark tank

Kevin was interested in the pitch, so he began the query session. He inquired first about its working. Ramon explained that it contains silica crystals with the pH tester blend. This tester changes colors to highlight the issues with the litter. Various changes denote various health concerns. If the color changes to the year’s it’s a kidney issue. If it changes to a blue or green color, it represents the UTI. 

Lori jumped in to inquire about the cost and sale per bag. Ramon said each bag costs $24.99 and the cost to manufacture is 4.71 cents. And its landed cost went from $1.30 to $1.56. Emma then inquired about the competition, as she had seen a commercial like this before. So she inquired whether it was his. Ramon quickly answered that the commercial is of our competitor. 

Next, Robert wanted to know what makes them different. Ramon responded that it has silica crystals that are smaller in size, which is safer for the cat’s paws. It has a very good absorption ratio and contains less dust. After the features listing, Ramon stated they are cheaper in price terms. Mark then jumped into questions bout the sales.

He stated that the sales had made him a $3.1 million profit. Mark inquired whether the business was profitable or not. Ramon confidently responded with a yes. Ramon then answered that he made 465,000 in sales. Mark remarks with applause. Robert then inquired about last year’s sales. Ramon stated that the last year’s sales were $3.6 million, with 145,000 in sales. Kevin started to inquire about the division of the sources of profit.

Ramon then planned out his online marketplace with 70% on Amazon, 20% to 24% in retail, and the remaining ratio is direct consumer. The direct consumer is from the product website. Kevin explained his reason for questioning. He stated that a famous deal on Shark Tank appeared that resembles it, Base Paw. Their pitch was good, but all they needed was data. 

Robert inquires about the initial investment. He said he raised a million and invested another million as his own money. Robert inquired about the raised million. Ramon then stated that he sold a company 5 years back for $9 million. Sharks made their guess about the kind of company, and Ramon revealed it was the blog. Emma wanted to know about the plan for this business. 

Ramon revealed that he planned to grow and sell the business to a better competitor, just like the commercial ad company, which is said to be sold at $1 billion. Kevin mentioned that they must have a lot of data regarding the cats as there are approximately 110 million cats, which is quite a lot of valuable data. Emma then emphasized the business plan.

Ramon explained that the company will launch two new products. One is the fresh product, which can be sprinkled on the litter and is also a health indicator. The second product is dog pee pads that indicate the health issues from their pee.

Negotiation and final deal

Emma clearly stated that she was back out. After admiring Ramon’s personality, she expressed that the idea of selling to its competitor is her type of thing, so he stepped out. The Mark stepped out. He clearly said it’s not his type of business, so he also stepped out. This shocked Ramon. Kevin jumped in with a deal.

He said that he and Lori plan to invest in his business with $250,000 with 10% equity and 2% royalty till the money is recovered. And they will help to grow direct consumers. Ramon inquired that the belief in him should be enough with just shares. Robert suggested it to have a valuable connection with his consumers. Kevin rethinks his deal and reduces it to $250,000 with 20% equity and no royalty. Now, this is when Robert gave his deal.

Robert will give $450,000 with 10% equity and help grow his product in the retail marketplace. As Kevin said that 2 Sharks are better, Roman came up with three Sharks. Lori came up with 15%. Ramon gave a counteroffer of 13% and two advisory shares. Robert restated the deal as $250,000 with 15% shares with three Sharks. Mark suddenly landed a deal with $250.000 with 8% shares. 

Ramon asked Lori if she would join. Then she said yes. Lori repeated the deal as $250,000 with 8% shares and 2% advisory. Kevin kept interrupting about the database. But then Ramon jumped in with just yes with Mark, Robert, and Lori. Ramon, Mark, Robert, and Lori hugged and cheerfully left the stage. 

Genius Litter Availability

Genius Litter is a genius product that can help many Americans save their pets from this loss. This product is helpful for various pet owners who want to save their pets from diseases, abnormalities, and infections. This product changes color from the pH of their pet’s litter and urine. The health issues can be identified and cured on time based on color.

This product is available in retail stores, Amazon, and other product websites. A bag costs $24.99 and is worthy enough to save your pet’s life. This amazing product has other upcoming products that can be more helpful for cats. Another product is for dogs that help detect health issues from pee. 


Ramon Van Meer is at Shark Tank to get $250,000 with 10% equity. He presented his product very well. The Sharks were eager to invest and made various deals. But Ramon made many efforts. And last, he ended up in a final deal with Lori, Robert, and Mark on $250,000 with 8% equity and 2% advisory shares. The deal was sealed, and now pets can be saved across America.

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