Tik Pik Guitar Picks Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Nicholas George and Kevin MaC are entrepreneurs and musicians. As Guitarists they know that it is very easy to lose your guitar pick during or between performances that’s why they made a unique product ‘tik-pik’ it’s a guitar pick that can easily stick on the guitar and has a good grip that impresses the guitarist and Sharks.

Five partners run this business they aim to make it easy for musicians to enjoy the performance, without worrying about losing their guitar pick. Nicholas George and Kevin MaC present their unique product on Shark Tank Season 15, Episode 6. Let’s see if Shark do a deal with this company?

Tik Pik Guitar Picks Net Worth

Tik Pik’s lifetime sale was $60k. They projected to make around $120k in sales that year with a $20k profit. They asked for a $75k investment in exchange for 10% equity in the company. As per their numbers, they valued their company at $1.5 million. They successfully secured a deal with Mark for a $75k investment against 16% equity in the company. After the show aired, Tik Pik experienced a massive boost in website traffic and sales. Given the successful deal and their projected 10% growth, I assume their current net worth is estimated at around $3 million.

What Happened to TIK PIK after Shark Tank?

After the Shark Tank appearance, Tik-Pik experienced remarkable business success. Their business is still running and making great sales. Now, their product is available to millions of audiences. Also, many professional musicians are rating them on its website and social media platforms. 

Did TIK PIK get a Deal On Shark Tank?

Tik Pik Guitar Pick did its deal with Mark Cuban. They successfully secured a deal with Mark for a $75k investment against 16% equity in the company.

Shark(s) NameOffer      Demand  Counteroffer      Accept?
Lori GreinerN/A          N/A          N/A          NO
Robert HerjavecN/A          N/A          N/A          NO
Kevin O’LearyN/A          N/A          N/A          NO
Daymond JohnN/A          N/A          N/A          NO
Mark Cuban$75k  16% equity             N/A          YES

Tik Pik Guitar Pick Shark Tank Update

tik pik guitar picks net worth

Founder & their Backstory

Kevin M. starts his story filled with emotion and shares how his wife supported him and trusted him throughout his struggle. He has been a guitar player for 25 years and makes a good living as a professional musician. He said having the grip makes all the difference while playing a guitar. Kevin initially started in Virginia Beach, where he worked with Timberland, Issy Elliot, and other hip-hop artists. That time he met a big producer who offered him a deal and asked to move to Nashville. Via that producer, he met Nicholas.

Nicholas shared that he was brought up in the Cayman Islands, and his father is a famous musician there known as ‘The Barefoot Man.’ At this moment, Mark Cuban is amazed because his wife loves Nicholas’s dad. Nicholas is also a talented songwriter. One day, her daughter told him she wanted to become a musician like her grandfather Nicholas wrote a whole album with her daughter, which is just finished now. 

Nicholas and Kevin become good friends and with their other three partners, they run a Tik-Pik company for approximately eight months.

Initial Pitch 

what happened to tik pik after shark tank

Nicholas George and Kevin MaC start their pitch by singing an incredible song in which Kevin describes his product Tik-Pik wonderfully. Nicholas invited Kevin O’Leary to join them and handed him an electric guitar. Kevin O’Leary tried this pick on that and was astonished but also liked the gripe of the pick.

They were seeking $75k for a 10% equity. They explained their product in front of Sharks. It’s a guitar pick that can stick on the guitar, and Kevin also noted that the pick has an amazing, unusual silicon grip. Kevin shared that his friend, who is now their partner.

One day came and showed this pick he was shocked and impressed at the same time. Their friend searching for the best grip and came across the nano-suction silicon material. This pick does not lose its stickiness if it gets dirty you can wash it and keep using it. They continue their demonstration and also describe how this pick is better than others and decreases the chances of losing the pick.

Kevin shared how her mother gets annoyed when she locates picks in the washing machine, sofa, or on the floor. The pitch was completed when the entrepreneur asked which Shark would be the sixth partner in their business.

Queries About the Product

Kevin O’Leary asked both entrepreneurs whose idea was to put a silicone pad grip; Kevin replied him this idea was invented by their third business partner. He was in search of the best grip and found nano-suction material.

Robert said I agree with you this is a fabulous product, but I want to know about its sales. Nicholas stated that they started their sales in October last year, barely eight months before. Their total lifetime sale is $60k till now.

Robert also asked what is cost of the product was and did you had made any money yet. Nicholas remarked that the making cost of the product is $2.44 and the retail price of a pack of six picks is $29.9.

They expect to make $120k in sales at the end of the year and also expect to make only $20k in profit. Moreover, they have 4 music shops where they sell their product to retailers for $15k at wholesale price. They estimated that 15% of sales would come from there and the rest from direct consumers.

Also, Nicholas informs Sharks, that people love their product especially students who are in the process of learning to play guitar because losing their picks is very easy but Tik-Pik is devoid of this issue and also easy to use.

Shark’s Response & Final Deal

did tik pik get a deal on shark tank

LorI said she loved the name of the product “Tik-Pik” but before she could continue, Mark interrupted her and offered a deal. He offered $250k on a 16% stake. It was a jaw-dropping deal. Entrepreneurs make up their minds in just a few seconds and do the deal with Mark Cuban.

What Went Wrong with TIK-PIK at Shark Tank?

Nothing went wrong with Tik Pik at the Shark Tank. They used an effective approach to present their product by providing a full description. Mark Cuban didn’t waste any time and made an incredible offer. The deal was done in just a few seconds.

Product Availability

Tik Pik is available on its website and also on Amazon. at this time Tik Pik is only available on online platforms. But soon it will be available in different music stores.


Tik-Pik it’s a guitar pick, that is a solution to the annoying problem of lost picks for the guitar players. Nicholas and Kevin come on Season 15 Episode 6 and seek $75K for a 10% stake. They have done a deal with Mark Cuban for $75k for 16% equity. A world that is loaded with different types of guitar picks, but Tik-Pik has succeeded in being unique among others because of its exclusive approach that focuses on comfort and usefulness.

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