The Table Tyke Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Berlyn Haughton, a confident entrepreneur from Franklin, Tennessee, presented her product, The Tabel Tyke, in Episode 11 of Season 15 at Shark Tank USA.

The table tyke is a Multi-functional silicone placemat that comes in two sizes, table tyke original and XL Size. It helps prevent mealtime accidents, especially with kids.

Berlyn is seeking $100k for 10% equity for her business. Will she get any Shark on board or not? Let’s find out in today’s table tyke shark tank update.

The Table Tyke Net Worth

The Table Tyke’s net worth is approximately 500k. The business is still running and has made progressive sales after an appearance on Shark Tank. 

What Happened to The Table Tyke After Shark Tank?

The table Tyke had its official website and a TikTok account. The business is making progress and has a great response. The product is available on Amazon and Etsy. The product has received great reviews. It has reasonable price tags and was quickly sold out.

Did The Table Tyke get the deal at Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, no. No Shark was interested in the silicone abase table wear for baby safety. A busy mom and entrepreneur, Berlyn Haughton demanded $100,000 with 10% equity. 

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandAccepted?
Barbara CorcoranOutN/AN/A
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/A
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecOutN/AN/A

The Table Tyke SharkTank Update

the table tyke net worth

She asked for $100k for a 10% equity for her business. She wants the money and connections for a better PR for The Tabel Tyke.

The Table Tyke products

the table tyke products on shark tank

The Table Tyke has 2 products, the original for kids and the XL size for adults. The original table tyke placemat had a unique bumper design that protects children from bumps and germs. It is a must-have if your kid is teething or dining out. 

The best part about Table Tyke is the design, which has loops that make it travel-friendly and versatile. You can use it for meals and activities like play dough, painting, coloring, baking, and beadwork. It easily contains all the mess and simplifies your cleanup process. The dimensions of the original are 12in*10in, and the XL is 20in*15in and available in 4 different colors;

  • Stale Grey
  • Sage Green
  • Ballet Pink
  • Sky Blue

It is made from non-toxic FDA-grade silicon, which is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Founder and BackStory

the table tyke founder on shark tank

Berlyn Haughton, the founder of The Table Tyke, is a dedicated mom who encountered the common challenges of mealtime messes and accidents while raising her child. Frustrated by the chaos that often accompanied feeding her toddler at home and dining out, she recognized the need for a practical solution. Berlyn’s personal experience inspired her to create the innovative Table Tyke, a multi-functional silicone placemat designed to make mealtime easier for parents and more enjoyable for kids.

Her journey as a mother led her to develop the Table Tyke, featuring a unique bumper design that safeguards children from table-edge bumps and germs and simplifies the cleanup process. Berlyn’s determination to address this parenting challenge resulted in a product that provides convenience and peace of mind to parents everywhere. The Table Tyke is a testament to her dedication to keeping babies safe, kids entertained, and messes contained, making it a valuable addition to family mealtimes.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

Berlyn shared the mealtime experience with her son. She told the sharks that feeding your toddler is exhausting at home and outdoors. They hit their heads, chew on the table, and create a disaster zone around them. Eating out is also a mess. She described that when she took her son out for food, he dumped his head on the table, laid on that germ-infested table, or started chewing it because he was teething.

That’s why she invented the table tyke. It’s the only multi-functional silicon placemat with a table-edge bumper. This product is itself a parenting hack that no one can regret buying.

She added that the table tyke’s half-inch bumper protects the children and catches spills, making the cleaning process a breeze. When the kid finishes the food, you can shake it off, roll it up, and pull the loops on each side so the mess stays inside the mat. As soon as you reach home, you can throw it in the dishwasher.

Berlyn said her product is good for snacks, meals, and other activities such as baking, painting, coloring, and more. Also, it is suitable for babies, toddlers, and big kids.

She also showed the XL size of the table tyke, which is made for adults. Kevin asked, “Is it really for old guys?” She said, “Yes, for you, for the old guys.” The statement made Barbara and others laugh.

From crafting and baking to potting, the uses of table tyke for adults are endless because sometimes we adults make messes, too. She closed her initial pitch by saying,” Sharks don’t miss on the opportunity to roll with us as we keep babies safe, kids entertained, and messes contain with the Table Tyke”.

Discussion on Pitch and Offers

what happened to the table tyke after shark tank

Sharks liked her pitch very much and checked the samples before them. Barbara asked if kids chew and hit their heads on the table’s edge. Berlyn replied that one of her friend’s kids knocked his teeth out. After that, she explained that the idea behind Table Tyke was not only connected to her problem, but she discussed it with others, and almost every parent faces the same problem with their kids.

When she invented Table Tyke, everyone started asking when she was going to the shark tank because her product was a genius. Mark asked about the sales, and Berlyn told him she launched Table Tyke at the end of 2020 and had $10,000 in sales. The next year, she reached $ 24,000 only through word of mouth; she was not active on social media. This year, she is projected to do $200k.

Robert complimented her that this product is the best as he has 5-year-old twins and faced the problem. But he also said that I’ve already invested in this area, and the problem is if this product is big enough to sustain a business or just a one-time wonder.

Mark asked, “How much are you selling it for?”. Berlyn replied, “I sell it for $24.99 and it costs me $4.99, so it is about big margins”. She also told the sharks about her weaknesses in the Amazon area, so she hired an Amazon consultant; otherwise, she would have no partners and would have been running the business solo. She is looking for a PR company to get on BuzzFeed and viral. The sharks told her she had to do PR alone and that connecting with a PR company wouldn’t help her get more sales.

Kevin said he loves the product but can’t help much in this area, so he is out. Mark also said that she deserved a lot of praise for what she did, which is excellent, but this is not the right product for him, so he is also out. Lori Greiner said that she created a unique product, but finding an investor for this is not right; she should just keep going on track, and it’ll do wonders for her; she wished Berlyn the best of luck, and then she is out too. After that, Barbara and Robert didn’t offer any deal, saying that this business had no room for sharks.

Negotiation and Final Deal

Berlyn didn’t get any deal, but she was happy that all the sharks said many good things about her business, The Table Tyke, which gave her a lot of energy to push hard in the future.

The Table Tyke Availability

The Table Tyke has 2 products, the original for kids and the XL size for adults. The dimensions of the original are 12in*10in, and the XL is 20in*15in. It is available in 4 colors: stale grey, sage green, ballet pink, and sky blue. Both products are currently available on their website and at the Amazon store.

What Went Wrong With The Table Tyke on Shark Tank?

The pitch was interesting but not enough to engage any Shark. All Sharks dropped out of the proposal. The main reason is the unnecessary need for an investor. Shark believes that the product will grow well without any investors. And she provides them right. 

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