Circadian Optics Shark Tank Update – Circadian Optics Net worth

In Season 11, Episode 2, Amber Leong from Minnesota is here at the show to reset the circadian rhythm using therapeutic lamps.

Her product can be used in dark offices to balance the internal body clock with sunlight, like lamplight. But will Shark consider this product profitable? Who knows? Let’s find out.

Circadian Optics Net worth

Currently, Circadian Optics is estimated to be worth $7 million. With impressive sales, the company is running in full swing. 

Did Circadian Optics get the deal on Shark Tank?

Of course, she gets the deal. She gets two deals from four Sharks. Mark, Lori, Barbara, and Kevin stepped up with deals. This amazing product attracts all sharks like blood. Check out the insights of all deals in this article. So, better read till the end. 

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Rohan OzaOUT N/AN/ANo
Lori Greiner$750,000 +50K for parents20% sharesN/AYes
Mark Cuban$750,000 +50K for parents20% sharesN/AYes
Kevin O’Leary$750,00020% sharesN/ANo
Barbara Corcoran$750,00020% sharesN/ANo

Circadian Optics   Shark Tank Update

circadian optics shark tank deal

Circadian Optics And its uses

This illuminating lamp with therapeutic light will help its users to receive the sunlight they need. It’s an amazing product for office employees and people who spend most of their time indoors. This lamp can help them absorb enough light to help their internal body clock remain stable. Otherwise, this can result in ruined physical and mental health.

Fatigue, laziness, and irregular sleep patterns are some of its effects. This hugely impacts your physical health as they receive no sunlight. And their mental health by staying indoors. This illuminating light emits light that resembles sunlight. This way, the body absorbs enough of it to sustain its better condition.

Founder and backstory

circadian optics founder on shark tank

Amber originally belongs to Malaysia and lives in Minnesota. She comes from a very average-income household. Since childhood, she dreamt of America. To send her to college, her parents sent their retirement funds and borrowed money from relatives. With a ticket and expenses for one semester, Amber came to America. 

Just 9 months after she arrived in America, she was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome. She was informed that she had only a 50% chance of lifespan. Due to a lack of a visa, her parents could not come to America. She then questioned her purpose in life and went on a mission to make it worthy. She graduated from college and joined corporate to earn a 6 figure income.

She wired money back home and saved money enough to question herself. So, she worked on her product because she believes creativity has an upper hand over sustainability. This motivates her to get out of her bed and live better.

Even though Minnesota has received sunlight for 6 months, she has not received enough sunlight due to her corporate job. Fatigue, dizziness, and inability to sleep were some side effects. She bought herself a Circadian Therapy Lamp. But She used to get criticized because of it.

The large lamp with a white floral design was very awkward in the office. Amber understood the need for a sophisticated lamp with elegant designs. She wants a therapy lamp with a blend of effectiveness and elegance. So, she built this product. 

Pitch and initial presentation

Amber began her pitch with her introduction and her demand. She demanded $750,000 with 10% shares in her company. She asked Sharks to close their eyes and visualize the darkness within. After a couple of seconds, Amber asked the Sharks to open their eyes to imagine the brightness of a sunny day. She then explained the importance of sunlight in our daily routine for our overall health. 

She further explained how the darkness in the offices and rooms damages our body clocks. Which in turn leads to an unhealthy life. She then introduced her product, Circadian Optics. These lights resemble the sunlight. It is like on Sun in a small version. Amber then her outro by inquiring which Shark would help sunlight to reach people’s tables. 

Discussion on pitch and offer.

Rohan begins with his query about inspiration. Amber then stated her backstory. Rohan then inquired about the sales. Her lifetime sales were $7.4 million, and her last year’s sales were $4 million. Barbara then inquired about her source of sales, to which Amber informed her that it was online. She continued to inquire about the sale per item. Amber answered that her average sale is $57.99. 

Mark jumped in to inquire about the margins. Ambers stated that it is 70%. Mark was curious about whether the business was running well and what needed to be corrected. She then stated that last year’s revenue was 652,000 dollars. She reflects on making 5.6 million dollars, and Kevin inquires about her profit. She responded that she makes 1.3 million in revenue with a 25% margin. Lori wanted to know, with this success, why she needed a Shark. 

Amber said she wanted a partner who could help her in the retail marketplace to boost her sales. Lori wanted to learn more about Amber’s background. Mark admires her ambition and passion. Lori appreciated her efforts and then began her deal.

Negotiation and final deal

Lori was interested, but she will invest if another Shark join her. She directed towards Mark and asked about his interest in pitch. Mark responded positively, so they began their discussion. Mark and Lori went aside to come on one page for the offer.

Kevin said that if he sealed the deal, how would she return the investment? Amber answered that she is open to negotiating once the deal is placed. Barbara curiously asked about her need for an offer. She responded that she planned to expand her inventory and had other plans. At this moment, Mark and Lori were back with the offer.

Rohan admired her passion and backed out because he did not provide sufficient value to the product. Kevin and Barbara wanted to jump in with a deal, but Amber interrupted to listen to Lori and Mark’s deal first. Lori stated her offer as $750,000 with 20% shares with both Sharks. She then sought permission to check out the second deal offer from Barbara and Kevin.

Kevin and Barbara made the same deal. Lori then added another $50k for her parents. Then Amber agreed with Lori and Mark’s deal. She cheered and hugged both Sharks to leave the stage happily.

Circadian Optics Availability

Circadian Optics helps its users to get sufficient exposure to light. This light is crucial to maintain their internal clocks. As Amber suffered many health effects, she built this product to save other corporate lives. This product gives you light exposure with an elegant design. It can be purchased online at Walmart. Amazon, and Best Buy.


Amber intended to get the deal with Sharks to invest in her product. Her product can help indoor-sitting people maintain their health using this light. This product helps them to get enough light that they lack due to their busy schedule or weather conditions.

 Her pitch impressed the Sharks, and she demanded $750,000 with 10% equity. In the end, she ended up receiving more. First, Mark and Lori, and then Kevin and Barbara set their deal. Amber chose Mark and Lori as they incremented the deal amount with another 50k for her parent. She quickly grabbed the deal and left the stage happily. 

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