First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Update – First Saturday Lime Net Worth

Three entrepreneurs from the farms of Oklahoma, Zac McDaniel, Jana McDaniel, and Jessica Jacobs, are at the Shark Tank with their natural repellent to save farmers worldwide. This farmer’s family has used their natural formula for three generations to produce a natural insect and bug repellant.

This eco-friendly product turned out to be a good-running business. But will the Sharks be up for it? Check out the First Saturday Slime Shark Tank Update to learn about the product and other insights.

First Saturday Lime Net Worth

First Saturday Lime is currently a good-running business and making sound $1 million per annual revenue. It takes $1.60 to produce a 20-pound bag, which is quite reasonable. The company offers free shipping, which is crucial to reach various locations. This product can be booked online via their website.

Did First Saturday Lime get a deal on Shark Tank?

Of course, they get the deal. This deal was one of the fastest deals made on Shark Tank. The series of discussions leading up to the final deal has kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. They secured $100,000 with 25% equity with Kevin O’Leary. But you will be shocked to see how it all begins.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Mark CubanN/AN/AN/ANo
Robert HerjavecN/AN/AN/ANo
Kevin O’Leary$100,000 with 25% equityN/ANoYes
Lori Greiner$100,000 with 3rd partner acquiring 33%$100,000 with 10% equity$100,000 with 25% equityNo
Daniel Lubetzky$100,000 with 3rd partner acquiring 33%$100,000 with 10% equity$100,000 with 25% equityNo

First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Update

first saturday lime shark tank deal

First Saturday Lime and its usage

Crawling critters, creepy bugs, and nasty insects are the uninvited guests that you will surely avoid. But First Saturday Lime, ensure they do not enter your comfort zone. This formula was created by the father of the entrepreneurs effectively working on their farms. They converted it into a business by manufacturing the final product.

This natural repellent can be used everywhere in your houses and farms. It’s eco-friendly; it does not harm children, pets, or animals. Moreover, it also covers the stinky smells of barns and coops. It just keeps them away and your family safe.

Founder and backstory

first saturday lime founders on shark tank

Jana and Jessica are sisters who grew up at the farms of Oklahoma. They were familiar with using limestone as they used it to kill the insects and their eggs. But while working at farms, they also use harmful pesticides that sting their eyes, so they use gloves, masks, and protective glasses to stay safe.

But Jana constantly worried about her kids’ health when she had kids. Zac was also disturbed by the lengthy bills of pesticides. They asked Jessica to help start a new business with their father’s formula in 2016. And their business journey begins to save the farmer from hazardous pesticides.

Pitch and initial presentation

The three entrepreneurs, Zac McDaniel, his wife Jana, with their kids, and Jessica Jacobs, introduce themselves. Jana started with their introduction and offered their demand of $100,000 with 10% in their company. They then started their backstory as the farmers from the last three generations. They share common issues around the global farmers and are here with a solution to resolve them.

Jessica explained that no one wants these crawling critters in their houses. So, they manufactured First Saturday Lime. Jana continues to explain that it’s eco-friendly and is not hazardous to the health of their babies and pets. Zac then demonstrated how to apply it with the help of the kids, Hennings and Zara.

Jana demonstrates that applying a thin layer around plants and a good layer around the house will keep the pests and critters away. Zac closed the pitch with his demand for $100,000 and 10% equity. Lori was impressed and took the first step with an offer.

Discussion on pitch and offer

Lori expressed her interest in the product as she believes the product could be a great success and highlighted some issues for a better message as she suggested enhancing the packaging and placing her deal. She offered $100,000 with 3rd partner, acquiring 33% of the shares.

Jana appreciated the deal, but the entrepreneurs wanted it to be in the middle. That’s when Daniel jumps in. He clearly stated that he would join the deal with Lori by working on some marketing strategies. Lori quickly agreed with Daniel’s opinion and still wanted both of them to be the 3rd partner in the company.

Jana placed a counter deal of $100,000 with 20% equity by foreseeing the next year’s annual sales. Lori engaged Jana to think about better sales. She again revised her deal with $100,000 with 33% equity and funded the upcoming purchase. Robert intervenes in the deal discussion by stating it’s the same deal.

Negotiation and final deal

Another counter deal from entrepreneurs with 25% equity. Lori disagreed that there were two Sharks. Kevin just bombarded the deal discussion and agreed to their counter-deal. After a second pause, Zac agreed, and other Sharks were amazed. Kevin went to the stage for a gentleman’s handshake, agreeing with Zac.

First Saturday Lime availability

First Saturday Lime is a natural repellant that can be used once a month to keep bugs, insects, and critters away. This formula contains limestone and citric acid as natural ingredients. It can be used as a pesticide and limewash to protect walls. This chemical-free repellent keeps your home bug-free.

This product can be purchased online as a one-time purchase for 5 pounds for $21.99 and 20 pounds for $32.99. And subscription-based options are also provided. By subscription, farmers can save $2.00 on purchases. This long-term product is best for landowners and farmers.


This eco-friendly insecticide, First Saturday Lime, can be a booming business with excellent profit. The Sharks were impressed by the idea, and Lori quickly made the offer with 33% equity. Daniel soon joins her.

After two rounds of counter-deals with entrepreneurs, Kevin jumped in and took his investment chance. The deal was sealed at $100,000 with 25% equity with Kevin. After the handshake with Kevin, entrepreneurs made their way out gladly.

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