Influencers In The Wild Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Tank Sinatra, an influencer who makes memes for a living, came into the show with a board game idea for the season finale of the 14th season. The board game that pokes fun at other influencers and makes people laugh is currently selling on Amazon, eBay, and its website for 19.90.

Tank Sinatra has multiple meme accounts on the internet that make people laugh. However, did his board game idea get him the attention he needed from the sharks? Find out more on the Tank Sinatra Shark Tank update.

Influencers in the Wild Net Worth

Tank Sinatra came into the show, telling the Sharks that the estimated net worth of the board game is $5 million. Tank Sinatra asked the sharks for $500,000 in exchange for 10% of company equity. This proportion puts the net worth of the company at $5 Million. However, the actual net worth of the business is much lower than that of the evaluation.

Even Tank Sinatra accepts that he pulled that number out of thin air when questioned by the Sharks. The sales of the product do not indicate a net worth of $5 million, and the sharks were quick to pick up on that. 

What Happened to Influencers in The Wild After Shark Tank?

The business seems to have closed, and influencers are in the wild. The board game is still being sold on Amazon, eBay, and its own website. It’s being sold for $19.99 on its own website, and the sales don’t seem to be very high on the other selling platforms.

It can be said that it is underperforming on all the sites. Since the board game is for people over the age of 17, there is a good chance that people will be age-blocked. However, due to its appearance on the Shark Tank episodes, it does get some sales.

Did Influencers in The Wild Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Influencers in the Wild did not get a deal in the Shark Tank. One after the other all of the sharks questioned the high-net-worth evaluation, and everyone agreed that the evaluation was not right. Not only was the evaluation wrong, but in fact, the number of items sold was also very low.

Selling only 1500 units was a very small number for the sharks to invest in. The company was too young, and with only 1500 units sold, it was hard for the Sharks to invest such a large sum of money. The sharks were unable to invest their money in such a young company, especially with the wrong evaluation.

Shark’s NameOffer & DemandCounter OfferAccepted?
Mark CubanOutN/AN/A
Barbara CorcoranOutN/AN/A
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/A
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/A

Influencers in the Wild Shark Tank Update

influencers in the wild net worth

Back Story:

Tank Sinatra is a well-known influencer. He builds memes and spreads them on social media. All the sharks seemed to know about him and followed him on social media. He was even praised for making the world a good place with his humor and wits. He built a game around the concept of influencers, who can, without any talent or skill, capture the hearts of people and gain a following on the internet. He wanted to focus his energies on physical products. Rather than just gaining followers, he moved towards selling physical products.

Initial Pitch

Tank Sinatra walked into the Shark tank asking for $500,000 in exchange for 10% of the company equity. Sinatra then explained to the sharks that the game Influencers in the Wild was based on influencers and their behaviors.

Chloe, an OG model, joined him in the Shark Tank as an influencer, and he signaled to him while explaining how the game works. A person who is trying to take the best selfie in a crowded place regardless of where they are. The game, as he explains, takes the players on a journey of finding more followers through different instances. The blue boxes in the game play a big role in helping the players gain more followers or lose a few in the process.

Queries About the Product

what happened to influencers in the wild after shark tank

Once the pitch was completed, all the sharks were curious to know how does the game work. Lori then inquired if he was an influencer and Mark Cuban stepped in and told her that Tank Sinatra is well known for his social media presence. Tank took the opportunity to tell the sharks all about his social media success.

Barbara then asked Tank to explain to them how he got involved in developing a game. To which Tank responded with his inability to give in to the whims of the algorithm and his desire to earn his income via something more physical.

Mark Cuban then asked about the specifics of the business, the relevance of the game, and the connectivity of Tank’s name with the game. Kevin O’Leary then asked him how many he had sold, and Tank told them that it had been 1500 units. This was the turning point, as you can see from the faces of the judges that they became worrisome to know that only 1500 units were sold and the company was very new.

Kevin O’Leary asked him about the numbers in margins when Tank brought them up. He further inquired how many dollars’ worth of goods or units has he sold, to which Tank responded with $140,000. This further ignited conversation about the evaluation was extremely wrong.

Shark’s Responses and Final Deal

All the Sharks emphasized that Tank asked for too much money and came in with the wrong estimate. This led to him walking out empty-handed; however, some of the sharks did tell him to use his name and his social media presence to ignite sales and connect his name to the board game so that consumers could associate him with the game and buy it.

Product Availability:

The Product is being sold on the company’s own website. Influencers in the wild are still being sold on eBay and Amazon. However, the social media of the company is not actively promoting the board game or even speaking about it. The social media are more focused on spreading memes and poking fun at influencers.

What Went Wrong for the Company in the Shark Tank?

The sharks were quick to see through the mistakes that Tank had made. Not only was the evaluation wrong, but he also mentioned the sales were too low and the asking amount was too high. If it had been lower, most of the sharks would’ve been interested in investing. But since Tank had mentioned such a high number, most of the sharks told him that he was expecting too much.

Barbara Corcoran took the mantle next and told Tank that he was asking for a lot of money with just 1500 units sold, and that was a lot for the sharks, and she was not going to invest. So, she declared herself out as well. All of the 5 sharks “Out” meant that no one invested in the business.


Tank, unfortunately, came into the Shark Tank asking for a lot of money. This proportion makes the evaluation wrong. Making a good deal turn into a bad one. The Sharks told Sinatra that he was asking for a lot of money and the company was too young. With only 1500 units sold, the sharks didn’t know how to invest in that and make it work. All of these aspects seemed to put sharks off, and they slowly started to bow out. 

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