Mama Sing My Song Shark Tank Update – Mama Sing My Song Net Worth

On Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 12, three co-founders of a children-oriented brand came to strengthen the bond between parents and their kids. Mama Sing My Song presented the sharks with their unique business, where they made customized songs for kids.

Amanda Seibert, Danny Seibert, and Valerie Strattan Guerra asked the sharks for $125,000 in exchange for 10% of the company. The offer was lucrative.

However, sharks assessed scaling and return-on-investment issues in the business. Despite these problems, the founders were able to strike a deal. How did it happen? Find out in our Mama Sing My Song Shark Tank Update.

Mama Sing My Song Net Worth

Amanda, Danny, and Valerie asked for $125,000 for 10% of equity. The ask valued the company at $1.25 million. However, the sharks did not consider the valuation correct. John, Daniel, and Lori offered the business $150,000 for a 33.3% share in the company. It valued the company at $450,000.

The actual net worth lies somewhere between the two valuations. The valuation offered by the sharks was not accurate since it was compensated for the expertise of the three sharks. We assess the value to be somewhere between $700,000 to $800,000.

Did Mama Sing My Song Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

Mama Sing My Song impressed every shark with its sales and overall concept. It had earned over $1.4 million over the period of five years. Amanda, Danny, and Valerie asked for $125,000 in return for a 10% stake in equity. 

Despite the unique concept and solid financial performance, Mark Cuban did not see the business scaling. Kevin O’Leary considered the business non-investable because his money would not return. However, the other three sharks were lenient. 

Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and Daniel Lubetzky offered $125,000 for a 33.3% stake in the company. Daniel bettered the offer with $150,000 for 33.3% of the equity share. They said that number did not matter much to them as the mental health of children was more important. 

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounteroffer Accepted?
Daniel Lubetzky, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John$125,00033.3% stake in the equity $150,000 for a 33.3% stake in the equityYes
Kevin O’Leary N/AN/AN/AN/A
Mark CubanN/AN/AN/AN/A

Mama Sing My Song Shark Tank Update

mama sing my song shark tank deal

Mama Sing My Song Products

Mama Sing My Song was founded by Amanda Seibert, Danny Seibert, and Valerie Strattan Guerra. It helps build the bond between a child and their parents. The company produces customized songs that tell a story or describe the child-parent bond.

The company offers acapella songs and fully customized ones on its website. A detailed questionnaire filled out by the parent helps the author write the song. Moreover, the song can be integrated into a stuffed animal. The product is unique because the stuffed animal has a special song instead of the standard one.

Founder And Backstory 

Amanda Seibert and Valerie Strattan Guerra were college roommates. Amanda was married to Danny Seibert for 10 years when they arrived in Shark Tank. When Amanda was driving her car with her first baby crying out loud, she made up a song and sang it repeatedly until the baby stopped.  

While growing up, the baby asked every time: “Mama, sing my song.” Amanda kept singing the song until her second baby came. She wrote a customized song for him, too. He also used to say, “Mama, sing my song”. After this, she wrote songs for her nephews and nieces until, one day, she got an offer across the country to write a paid song with custom lyrics. 

Amanda decided to take it up as a business. Mama Sing My Song became an instant success, and it had a team of more than 20 artists when they pitched on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 12.

Pitch And Initial Discussion

Three sweet-spoken entrepreneurs entered the Shark Tank, introducing themselves as Amanda, Valerie, and Danny. They started their pitch by stating the importance of the bond between parents and children. They emphasized the pressure current parents had to take to provide children with a confident and wonderful life.

The trio presented the sharks with their business idea, where they wrote custom songs for kids. These custom songs were a unique way to show them value and love. They added that most children loved their favorite stuffed animal and their favorite song. The company had the business of packaging custom songs in stuffed animals.

They wanted the animals to become companions of kids rather than toys. Amanda told Daymond that he was a great dad and a hard-working businessman. She further stated that Daymond could not put his daughter Minka to sleep or accompany his wife, Heather. The trio claimed that it was possible due to Mama Sing My Song. 

Mama Sing My Song had a special guest to surprise Daymond. Minka and Heather entered the stage to allow the company to play the custom song for Minka. After hearing the song, Daymond got emotional. Valerie claimed that Mama Sing My Song also ran a foster care program. In this program, the company donated free songs to children in foster care. Daymond hugged his wife & daughter and said goodbye. 

Discussion On The Pitch

Lori Greiner started the discussion by not questioning the trio but Daymond John. She asked how he felt about the customized song. He confirmed that he could connect to most parts, and the lyrics were relatable. 

Daniel Lubetzky asked if the songs were generated using AI. Amanda answered that human authors, primarily mothers, wrote the lyrics. Moreover, Valerie sang the songs. Sharks complimented her voice. 

Kevin O’Leary went straight to the business model and inquired how things worked at the company. Valerie explained that mothers place the order and then fill out a questionnaire to inform the company about their kids’ likes. After that, the songwriters draft the lyrics. Parents have the option to get the song recorded in the studio. 

Amanda discussed the pricing mechanism where the company charged $99 for an acapella song and $249 for a fully customized song for the child with studio recording. Amanda further clarified that the prices were exclusive to the plush. Each stuffed animal was an add-on for $55. 

Kevin inquired about the cost that the company had to bear every time they engaged an artist. Amanda said the artists received a 45-50% share of the order value. Lori asked the trio about the origin of the company. The trio explained how they came across the idea to found Mama Sing My Song (explained earlier in the ‘founder and backstory’ section). 

After hearing about the founders’ journey, Kevin brought everything back on track by asking how he would make money with Mama Sing My Song. Danny elaborated that the company had made $1.4 million in sales over the last five years. Furthermore, 90% of the sales were made in the last 2.5 years. In 2022, the sales amounted to $420,000. The company was on track to close 2023 at the $450,000 mark. Every shark was impressed by the numbers. 

Mark Cuban finally gave his input and appreciated the chances of earning profits in Mama Sing My Song, as almost half the revenue translates into profit. Danny confirmed that the company had a net profit of 25% over the life and 32% in 2023. 

Kevin inquired why the company had invested so much in the artists when AI could do the same thing cheaply. He insisted the company could save much money by cutting their main expense. Amanda said the human element was necessary, so the company could only run the AI in the backend. 

Negotiation And Final Deal

Mark was the earliest to make his final decision. He commented that the business was ideal for individual entrepreneurs. However, he felt that Mama Sing My Song was not an investable business because it was challenging to scale. Kevin also applauded the company for achieving $450,000 in sales. He could not see himself getting the invested money back, so he opted out. 

Lori and Daniel discussed something together when Daniel finally added that the business had a conflict between the nurturing aspect and the need to earn profits alongside. He explained that the business could have been run much more effectively. Daniel wanted to bring in himself, Lori, and Daymond. However, he was uncertain if the small business, like Mama Sing My Song, could accommodate them. 

Lori said that money was not everything for her because helping the children grow and flourish was more critical. She asked Dymond if he wanted to join, and he agreed. He inquired about the shareholding of each owner. Amand confirmed that the company was equally owned.

Lori offered Mama Sing My Song $125,000 for a 33.3% stake in equity. He emphasized the luxury of having three sharks on the table.  Danny asked Lori to reduce the equity share to 25%. The sharks disagreed and offered $150,000 for 33.3% of equity. The trio agreed to the counteroffer, and they struck a deal.

Product Description And Availability 

Mama Sing My Song is not ideally a traditional product-based company. It produces customized lyrics to help parents build a strong bond with their children. The lyrical poem can be sung in the studio upon agreement between the company and the parent. 

Mama Sing My Song has two packages for the parents. An acapella song costs $99 per song, while a fully customized and recorded song costs $250. Moreover, the recorded songs can be integrated into plushies to make children fall in love with them. 

The songs can be ordered on the company’s official website with the plushie add-on for an extra $55. The market was rewarding for the company, as the sales were at par with leading product-based startups. 

The concept is simple but unique. In the digital era, YouTube channels like CocoMelon are growing due to their child-based content. This trend shows that parents really care for their kids and want to keep them entertained. A customized song in a plushie can do the trick.


Mama Sing My Song pitched its start-up brilliantly. The founders had Daymond interested in the business instantly when they brought his wife and daughter on the show. The unique idea of writing custom songs, recording them, and integrating them into stuffed animals was impressive. 

While Kevin and Mark opted out, the other sharks agreed to invest $150,000 for a 33.3% share in the equity. Mama Sing My Song had the potential to solve the bonding problem between kids and their parents. With no competition and a large market, the company has a great chance of attracting business.

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