Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Shark Tank Update – Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory net worth

Tod Wilson is the very first entrepreneur to present his pitch in Shark Tank. A pie business owner that is locally recognized in New Jersey for its taste and quality. He demanded $460,000 with a 10% shares to offer.

This business earns good revenue and a massive number of sales. So why is he here at Shark Tank? Let’s find out what brings Tod to Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 1. Let’s learn all about the product and how the deal goes.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory net worth

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory has impressive profit and sales. Last year’s annual sales is over $900,000. The profit earned covered 20% of the annual income. Currently, Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory net worth is approximately $10 million.

What Happened to Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory After Shark Tank?

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory didn’t continue the deal and proceeded without investment. Currently, the net worth of the brand is approximately $10 million.

Did Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory get the deal on Shark Tank?

Of course, yes. Tod Wilson wins the deal of $460,000 with 50% of equity by two Sharks. Both Barbara Corcoran and David Daymond equally distributed and invested. Learn more about his journey and how he got the deal.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert HerjavecOUTN/ANoNo
Kevin HarringtonOUTN/ANoNo
Kevin O’LearyOUTN/ANoNo
David Daymond + Barbara Corcoran$460,000 with 50%$460,000 with 10%NoYes

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Shark Tank Update

mr. tods pie factory net worth

In 2002, Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory started a pie-selling business in New Jersey. It is a locally recognized brand with delicious flavors. The pies are made with high-quality ingredients and fresh fruits. The most famous product is the sweet potato pie.

Sweet potato pie is the most profitable product. This product is made from fresh sweet potatoes and crafted into a delicious dish. The recipe for this product is their family recipe from the last 15 to 20 years. Tod practiced this dish with his mother and converted it into a running business.

Founder and backstory

Tod helped his competitors to grow their pie business when he was in college. After earning his MBA in college, he moved out to start a business on his own. This wrong step ended up with him being homeless and stuck in his car for 4 months.

After 6 to 7 years later, he found two good retail locations. Since then, he’s been working on his brand and looking to improve his business by setting up a production plant and marketing.

Pitch and initial presentation

Tod began the pitch with a good fresh baked pie for the Sharks. Mr. Pie Man presented a variety of pies to the Sharks and they were impressed with the taste. Meanwhile, Tod explained the quality of his product. Kevin O’Leary inquired about Mr. Pie Man, to which Tod answered that he was part of the brand.

Kevin Harrington then inquired about the target audience. Then Tod informed me that the local marketplace with wholesales made it a brand locally. Tod also stated that last year’s sales were to be $1 million, which Robert inquired about re-confirming the number. Then Tod corrected it to be about 850,000.

Discussion on pitch and offer

Kevin O’Leary inquired about the profit made by 850,000 sales. Tod replied that it earned good profit and covered almost 20% of the annual net income. Robert asked why he was here when business was doing well. Tod answered that his product, especially his sweet potato pie, is in demand at various food chains and services. Kevin O’Leary asked about how much of the total sales are acquired by the special sweet pie. Tod proudly answered it acquired 94% of the total profit and 50% of the sales.

Kevin kept inquiring about the special sweet potato pie. He asked about the number of flavors, which is over 30. But he emphasizes why he needs other flavors when he can only sell the sweet potato pie. Kevin Harrington inquired about the distinctive trait that this pie recipe holds. Tod stated that this recipe is his family’s secret recipe, which he worked on with his mother for 15 to 20 years.

Robert asks Tod about his plans if he gets the deal. Tod planned 300K for a production plant and the remaining for on-street vendors that would promote the product door to door. Robert asked about his journey in the pie business. Tod revealed his backstory.

Tod then stated he said no to McDonald’s as he lacks a production line for the sweet potato pie. Barbara was shocked. Tod explained how international food chains add local food to the menu to promote their sales.

Negotiation and final deal

did mr. tods pie factory get the deal on shark tank

Robert intervenes to explain his reason for backing out. According to Robert, Tod lacks discipline in money management. Kevin O’Leary stepped out as he also thought his mismanagement of the pie business and his lack of focus when he could have invested all his money in one product. Kevin also stepped out because of the massive demand for investment.

Barbara agreed to invest with double the shares and turned towards David for his opinion. Things turned out interesting here when David placed his offer of the same amount with 50% of the shares. Before Tod goes against the counteroffer, David informs him that he will surely counterdeal his offer. After a couple of seconds, Tod agreed to their deal. The final deal was $460,000, with 50% shared equally with two investors, Barbara and David.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Availability

The sweet potato pie of Mr Tod’s Pie Factory is one of the best pies in Englewood, New Jersey. These freshly baked pies are mouth-watering with the warmth of homely baked flavor. This love can be tasted in other flavors like chocolate, pecan, and many more. In 2019, the doors of the Mr Tod’s Pie Factory retail stores were closed. Since then, they have been ordering online.


Tod Wilson demanded for the $460,000 with 10% equity. As the first entrepreneur on the Shark Tank, he presented his pitch impressive and stated his demands. After three Sharks backed out, Barbara and David signed up for the deal for $460,000 with 50% shares equally. After the show, he didn’t proceed and still made his fortune.

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