Chill Soda Shark Tank Update – Chill Soda Net Worth

chill soda shark tank update

In Shark Tank, season 1, episode 9, the entrepreneur Dan Mackey presented the innovative beverage industry “Chillsoda.” He describes the product as a healthy alternative to conventional drinks that claim to be healthier but aren’t. He adds further, that it contains no artificial ingredients and is an antioxidant-rich, low-glycemic drink that is better in taste …

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Turbobaster Shark Tank Update – Turbobaster Net Worth

turbobaster shark tank update

Marian Cruz introduced the prototype of her product, Taurbobaster. She believed that every home chef would want her product. The Turbobaster replaces the basting brush and comes with an injector that can inject your favorite marination into chicken, turkey, or whatever bird you want to cook. Things got a bit complicated when Barbara asked Marian …

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