Turbobaster Shark Tank Update – Turbobaster Net Worth

Marian Cruz introduced the prototype of her product, Taurbobaster. She believed that every home chef would want her product. The Turbobaster replaces the basting brush and comes with an injector that can inject your favorite marination into chicken, turkey, or whatever bird you want to cook.

Things got a bit complicated when Barbara asked Marian how she could clean the Turbobaster, to which Marian stated that its parts could come out for convenient cleaning. When asked for a demonstration, Marian disclosed that it is a non-working prototype and she has not built a complete product yet. This was quite a shock to the Sharks, knowing she did not build a product, did not know the product’s manufacturing cost, and did not make any sales.

Marian asked for an investment of $35,000 in exchange for a 30% equity in her company. Despite not knowing her numbers, the judges saw potential and growth in Marian. Ultimately, Marian Cruz secured a deal with Kevin Harrington. The deal offered  $35,000 for 100% equity in her company along with a 2% royalty given to her in season 1, episode 3.

Turbobaster Net Worth

Turbobaster was founded by Marian Cruz in 2006. As of 2024, the net worth of the company is 0$. The company has not been in business since 2010. Its social media pages and its website have been inactive since then. As of 2024, no product likeTurbobaster is available anywhere in the market. The prototype could only make an attractive pitch but no business. It was one of the products that couldn’t do well after appearing on the show.

What happened to the Turbobaster after Shark Tank?

Marian Cruz came onto Shark Tank to secure an investment of  35,000 dollars in exchange for 30% equity in her company. In 2009, turbobaster net worth was $116,666 based on their sales. They were also able to secure additional funding from other investors, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, and Ashton Kutcher. Although it was an innovative product after the show, the Turbobaster was not very successful.

As Kevin’s company, TVGoods, announced the acquisition of global marketing rights to Turbobaster, the product was soon out of demand. It was believed that Kevin’s skill would make this product a success, but unfortunately, that never happened, as TurboBaster was never released and is now obsolete. The idea has yet to make it to market, and at this point, it is unlikely to ever make it unless someone out there decides to take on the challenge of bringing this useful innovation back to market.

Did the Turbobaster get a deal on the shark tank?

Yes, two offers were made for this product. Out of this, Kevin Herrington offered a deal to get Marian $35,000 but for 100% equity in her company. He talked about providing a licensing deal where he could control the license and give Marian a 2% royalty. While Daymond John came up with an offer where he offered 50,000 for 51% equity for the company and 2% reality. Keeping in mind Kevin Herrington’s expertise in kitchen products, Marian accepted his offer over Daymond John, who was known for his expertise in the clothes market.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer MadeDemandCounter OfferOffer Accepted?
Kevin O’LearyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Barbara CorcoranN/AN/AN/AN/A
Kevin Harrington$35,000 for 100% equity + 2% royalty to Marian$35,000 for  30% equityN/AYes
Daymond John$50,000 for 51% equity + 2% royalty to Marian$35,000 for  30% equityN/ANo
Robert HerjavecN/AN/AN/AN/A

Turbobaster Shark Tank Update

Founders & Backstory

turbobaster founder

Marian Cruz founded Turbobaster in 2006. Marian is a chef by profession. She cherished her culinary experiences. Marian Cruz is a talented home chef who came up with the idea of a Turbobaster while making a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She said a traditional baster creates a huge mess and is not very handy in cooking.

With Turbobaster, you can perform multiple functionalities from a single product. She claimed that every home chef would want this product in their kitchen. The Turbobaster is a battery-operated device that replaces the conventional basting brush and the marinader. So, now you would not want a separate brush or a baster while cooking as you can get both of these functionalities in a single product.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

Marian Cruz introduced her product Turbobaster and asked for $35,000 for a 30% stake in her company. She claimed that each home cook needs a Turbobaster. In her demonstration video, she further explained the functionality of the Turbobaster. She explained that Turbobaster is a battery-operated product and works more efficiently than a traditional baster.

It comes with an injector tip that can inject any marination of your liking. The sharks seemed to be fascinated by the product. She then said that it took her 5 years to complete the working prototype of the Turbobaster. She claimed that Turbobaster is a need for every cooking enthusiast.

Although a great start for her presentation, it became frailed after a while when questions from the sharks bombarded her. The first question that disclosed that this was not a finished product but a working prototype was by Barbara, who inquired about how one can clean the Turbobaster.

She said it can be cleaned easily as its part can be removed easily, but she could not demonstrate it. When Kevin asked her about the manufacturing cost of the Turbobaster, she could not provide it. Not only did she not know the manufacturing cost of a single unit, but she also had no clue about the sales. She was planning to sell two models of  Turbobaster, the “fashion kitchen hues” model for $19.99 and the “stainless steel” model for $29.99 in retail locations.

Herjavec posed a query on the kind of sales that vintage basters produce. His actions saved Marian Cruz. Nevertheless, Marian Cruz doesn’t reply to him either. After that, the Sharks start arguing over what the sales would look like, and Herjavec questions why they are helping her.

With a lack of understanding about her product and not knowing her market potential, giving her a deal would not be impartial. However, her charming and alluring did catch the attention of the sharks when they said statements like “being nice goes a long way,” “the brand starts with a person,” and “we have to invest in a person.”

Kevin O’Leary was the first shark to drop out of the deal as he insisted that Marian was unsure about her numbers and the profit she would make from the sales. Barbara did not offer a deal, stating that she would not be interested in investing in a business where she was unaware of the production cost. Robert Herjavec did not offer a deal for the same reason. At this point, three Sharks were out because of her uncertainty about the numbers.

Kevin Herrington liked the name and functionality of the product. He believes that this product can do well in the market. He offers a deal to get Marian $35,000 but for the 100% equity for her company. He talks about providing a licensing deal where he can control the license and give Marian a 2% royalty. Kevin Harrington is given the chance to speak out. He talks about how crucial television commerce channels would be to her merchandise sales. 

He said it is a fair deal as it will provide a huge market for her product. Kevin O’Leary advises her to accept the deal without question, while Corcoran suggests that she pursue the royalties. Marian would accept the offer until Daymond John came up with another offer where he offered $40,000 for 51% equity for the company and 2% reality. He claims this offer will provide her with a partnership to build an even bigger brand. He also points out that he is a manufacturer and can greatly help her manufacture this product.

Negotiation and Final Deal

Marian Cruz had then to decide between Kevin Herrington and Daymond John. Both of them highlighted their strong points, as Kevin highlighted that he has greater expertise in selling kitchen-related projects and that Daymon has expertise in selling clothes, not kitchen items.

Daymond John then increased his offer to $50,000 for 51% of the company, and Marian now had to decide between the two offers. Marian believed she should choose the Shark, which would prove more beneficial to her product. Considering Kevin’s expertise in kitchen products, she chose to go with Kevin and did not go for Daymon’s deal.

Kevin Herringon acquired the Turbobaster company after Marian Cruz’s appearance on the program. There had been no development in the business after the airing of this episode. Nothing significant occurred, and it

Turbobaster availability

turbobaster net worth

The company could not do well after appearing in the shark tank. Turbobaster last appeared when Harrington’s company announced it was holding Turbobaster’s rights to the TV. As it was a working prototype, it could not be produced in greater numbers or in fact produced at all. The company’s net worth was zero as no real sales were produced. According to Marian Cruz’s LinkedIn profile, she is a chief executive officer at PNW Power Store.

The company has not been in business since 2010, as it made no sales. Its social media pages and its website have not been active since then. As of 2024, no product like Turbobaster is available anywhere in the market. The prototype could only make an attractive pitch but no business.

The Turbobaster was one of the businesses that appeared on the show but did not have much success. Businesses might fail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the deal falls through even after the founders publicly say yes. Alternatively, as you will observe, the founders themselves may decide to leave the company when certain circumstances happen to them. Everything is conceivable. But in 2010, Turbobaster closed its doors. Furthermore, the product is no longer offered for sale.

What went wrong with the Turbobaster on Shark Tank?

Marian Cruz came onto Shark Tank with her product Turbobaster, which was a battery-operated kitchen appliance that could replace all the bulb basters, basting brushes, and even marinade injectors. The sharks were interested in learning more about the product after Marian’s demonstration of the turbo master.

The product seemed quite appealing to them, but the situation became complicated after the sharks asked a few questions. Marian was unable to provide the sharks with a satisfactory answer regarding the manufacturing cost for her Turbobaster. She believed that margins would be acceptable if she sold them between $19.99 and $29.99 in retail locations.

Barbara Corcoran raised a question regarding the cleaning process of the product, but she didn’t answer in a detailed way. Even when the sharks wanted to know how many millions of units of rival products were sold, she couldn’t respond due to a lack of research. Moreover, she didn’t even have any idea about manufacturing costs per unit.

With such a lack of certainty about her product, sharks, including Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec, dropped out and didn’t make any offence. The entrepreneur’s lack of knowledge resulted in the loss of interest in and hope for her product. One reason could be that since Turbobaster was only in the prototype phase of development, it didn’t seem worth investing in most of the sharks.

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