NoPhone Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In Episode 23 of Season 7, two founders, Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, have an entertaining method to help phone addicts with their product, NoPhone.

This product promises to break the solid addiction of phones by using fake phones. It has no apps, no internet, and nothing can be used with it. The founders placed a demand for $250,000 with 15% equity. Let’s see if the Sharks find it revolutionary or not. 

NoPhone Net Worth

No Phone is unable to be identified. It’s difficult to determine if both the founders are no longer working on the product. Or whether the business is operational or not. The last active status on the NoPhone Twitter page was seen back in 2021.

The last update from Van and Chris is about their work experience on LinkedIn. Both updated their work experience from Anomaly. It is dated from 2020 to 2021. Next, they added the creative director’s experience at Maximum Efforts. It was added from November 2021 to the present. 

What Happened to NoPhone after Shark Tank?

Despite all of Sharks’ rejection, No Phone’s founders didn’t give up. Instead, they tried more ways to generate more revenue and audience. They tried four unique Kickstarter campaigns. But they didn’t turn out to give a good outcome. 

The first attempt was in 2014 for $30,000 but got only $10021. The second and third attempts were made in 2015. The second campaign was for $5,000 and raised $18,000 with the basic NoPhone model. The third campaign targeted $500 and got $1,200 with the new NoPhone ZERO. The model has the basic model with a more sleek body design.

In their fourth attempt in 2016, both founders began the campaign for NoPhone Air, A model that was the gag concept. It targeted for $500 with $583 raised. While Van and Gould were busy on Kickstarted, the big naked looked out for NoPhone. New York Times and FastCompany highlighted the product. Ben Langeveld and Ingmar Larsen promoted the product on TEDx Talks on ways to break phone addiction. 

Did NoPhone get a deal at Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, no. Despite all the efforts, the founders of NoPhone, Van, and Chris, failed to convince money-investing Sharks to love their product.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Daymond JohnOutN/AN/ANo
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/ANo
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/ANo
Robert Herjavc OutN/AN/ANo
Mark CubanOutN/AN/ANo

NoPhone Shark Tank Update

nophone shark tank deal

Founders & their Backstory

Van and Chris were at a bar on a rooftop. They observed that everyone in the bar was on their phones, including them. It is devastating that everyone is glued to their phone screen. That’s when both of the founders decided to come up with an idea to break phone addiction.

Their Pitch and Offers

Van Gould and Chris Sheldon entered the room and began their pitch differently. They introduced themselves and placed their demand while staring at their phones. Their demand is $250,000 with 15% equity. They begin their pitch with stats about phone addiction as 22 hours per day. They then displayed a picture of Sharks using their phones while on TV. They explained it was working.

It works as it’s just to pick and hold it. It has no camera, dialer, internet, and nothing like a real phone. So it’s useless to hold it. Both founders then presented a sample phone to each Shark. Claiming it to have a selfie update as another camera model. Lori inquired about the sales. Van replied that the 3100 units were sold since November last year. Kevin couldn’t believe it. Van further stated that the sales profit is $42,000 till now. Lori continued with her queries.

Lori inquired about the price of each unit. Van continued to answer her queries. He responded that the regular NoPhone model costs $12 and a NoPhone with Selfie update costs $18. Robert then inquired about the cost per item, which is $2.95. Daymond then questioned about the marketplace, to which Van replied that all units are sold from their online store. 

Mark was interested in their backstory and Van spoke about their inspiration. Van continued that they created a website to collect feedback from around the world. The responses were amazing. Kevin landed with the hard reality hit statement. It’s a replacement or temporary solution, not permanent, so it’s not a great idea for business. 

Daymond wanted them to try the supplies market. But Van revealed that he and Chris are not advertising guys, so sales were never meant for them. He continued to ask if there was a patent for this product, and Van replied that it was in process. This ignited Mark as it was the thing he disliked the most in business, so he stepped out. Lori stepped out, too, because she did not find it profitable.

Then Robert and Daymond stepped out due to the limited market demand. In the end, Kevin was out, too, as he found nothing worth investing in. They got no deal despite Chris and Van’s impressive pitch style and interactive idea to break the addiction. They had a final goodbye with Sharks and left the room.

Product Availability

NoPhone is a clever idea to help its users to break their addiction. These fake phones will help them to break addiction as it does nothing and are only made of plastic. It starts from $12 to various other prices to break down this hourly addiction. The product is still available on their website. However, there has been no active status on the social media handles since 2021.


Founders of NoPhone, Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, came to the Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 23 to resolve a global issue. They claim their product, NoPhone, can help break the phone addiction by using a fake phone. Yes! A phone with nothing in it but plastics only. They presented impressively but Sharks were not convinced. Despite all their efforts, they returned with no deal. 

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