CoolBox Toolbox Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

cool box smart toolbox shark tank update

In Shark Tank season 7, episode 23, a duo of entrepreneurs, Jason Neubauer and Chris Stoikos, brought up an innovative “toolbox.” Jason and Chris came up with a $500,000 investment for 10% equity. The enterprise is a display of the idea of creating a smart toolbox with multiple features. They described their Tolox as not …

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Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

beer blizzard shark tank update

This super exciting episode of Shark Tank introduced us to Beer Blizzard, a company founded by Ozzy and Mike, who are from Pittsburgh. They create a particular type of gadget that keeps your beer cold for longer. The product is perfect, especially for hot summer days when you want to prevent your drinks from getting …

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Wondercide Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

wondercide shark tank update

In Season 7 Episode 22, two entrepreneurs, Stephanie Boone, and Laura Alter are here to protect your loved ones including your pets from bugs. The ladies from Texas are in Shark Tank with a demand of $500,000 with 5% equity for their natural repellant for almost every surface and skin type. But will the Sharks …

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PrideBites Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

pridebites shark tank update

The co-founders of the PrideBites, Sean and Steven joined the Shark Tank in Season 07 Episode 23. They make unique and innovative products for pets that facilitate pet owners. Their company specializes in creating customized accessories for dogs that allow you to take good care of your furry friends. Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, …

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TROBO Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

trobo shark tank update

In Shark Tank’s season 7 episode 23, the two engineers and fathers, Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden, pitched their educational product, TROBO. The plush robot toy aims to engage youngsters in STEM learning through interactive storytelling. Chris and Jeremy sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% share in their educational toy firm. TROBO …

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NoPhone Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

nophone shark tank update

In Episode 23 of Season 7, two founders, Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, have an entertaining method to help phone addicts with their product, NoPhone. This product promises to break the solid addiction of phones by using fake phones. It has no apps, no internet, and nothing can be used with it. The founders placed …

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Felt Shark Tank Update – Felt App Net Worth

felt shark tank update

We all love the feeling of getting or sending handwritten cards but hate the hassle of posting. Here comes Felt, which revolutionizes the way people send cards. Felt is a mobile app that was started by Tomer Alpert that brings personalization to our busy lives. He asked for $200,000 for 6% equity. Will Sharks like …

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PMS Bites Shark Tank Update – PMS Bites Net Worth

pms bites shark tank update

A lot of women know how bad PMS can get. From unexpected cravings to undeniable back pain to neverending headaches, women go through a lot during PMS. Women tend to crave sugary treats, which makes the symptoms even worse. In season 7, episode 29, Tania Green made “PMS Bites,” which is a healthy alternative to …

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2400 Expert Shark Tank Update – 2400 Expert Net Worth

2400 expert shark tank update

Mastering the SATs requires thorough preparation, and achieving a high score can open doors to scholarships and improved college prospects, as emphasized by Shaan Patel on Shark Tank. Having achieved a perfect SAT score himself, Shaan now guides and supports other students in their pursuit of success. He asked for $250,000 for 10% of his …

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Yourself Expression Shark Tank Update – Yourself Expression Net Worth

yourself expression shark tank update

Love customizable jewelry? Check out Shelby Gogulski’s fantastic collection of accessories on Shark Tank Season 7, accompanied by her brother Gordy. They asked for $50,000 for 20% equity. Will the sharks dive into the glitzy world of Yourself Expression? Discover in our update! Yourself Expression Net Worth In 2023, the net worth of Yourself Expression …

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KidRunner Shark Tank Update – KidRunner Net Worth

kidrunner shark tank update

In this exciting episode of Shark Tank, the founder of KidRunner, Will Warne, joined the show. The company specializes in designing unique lightweight strollers for kids. They are all about making running easier and more enjoyable with your young one. You need to attach them to your waist, and they will allow you to run …

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MTailor Shark Tank Update – MTailor Net Worth

mtailor shark tank update

Are you frustrated with struggling to find suits and blazers that fit your body perfectly? MTailor offers a three-step app solution to address this issue. As a men’s clothing tailor, MTailor specializes in creating garments tailored to your specific build, shape, and size requirements. Simply input your measurements via the app, customize your preferences, and …

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InchBug Shark Tank Update – InchBug Net Worth

inchbug shark tank update

Brenda Lee Feldman arrived at Shark Tank Season 7, Episode 25, to seek investment for her company, InchBug. The company sold customized bands on the official website, but the owner planned to adopt the retail business model for a newly developed product. The product was My Drinky, a two-piece juice box holder. The company did …

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Gladiator Lacrosse Shark Tank Update – Gladiator Lacrosse Net Worth

gladiator lacrosse shark tank update

Rachel Zietz, a 15-year-old entrepreneur with a sportsmanship spirit is here at Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 28. Her company Gladiator Lacrosse, manufactures high-quality equipment and provides state-of-the-art practice material to lacrosse players. She demanded for $100,000 with 15% equity. Let’s find out if Sharks could get a catch and invest their money in Gladiator …

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VPcabs Shark Tank Update – VPcabs Net Worth

vpcabs shark tank update

In Season 7, Episode 28, a pinball enthusiast, Brad Baker, presents his product VPcabs. His product provides the ultimate retro pinball games in the virtual form, bringing back nostalgic vibes. He asks for $200,000 for 10% equity in his company. But will Sharks invest in the virtual retro pinball machine? Read to find out. VPcabs …

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BrellaBox Shark Tank Update – BrellaBox Net Worth

brellabox shark tank update

Are you also tired of getting wet and cold in storms because you’ve bought a cheap umbrella from a street vendor that failed you right when you needed it the most? Brellabox is a startup business that makes sure you never get caught in the rain. Two young entrepreneurs, John and Anusha, appeared on the …

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Spooner Board Shark Tank Update – Spooner Board Net Worth

spooner boards shark tank update

Do you want a skateboard that allows you to skate on any surface? The skateboards have no wheels, and you can do as many tricks as you like with them. You do not have to wait anymore for that, as Randy Putland, Reuben Guymer, and Bernie Millier have got you covered. Spooner Board Net Worth …

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