PMS Bites Shark Tank Update – PMS Bites Net Worth

A lot of women know how bad PMS can get. From unexpected cravings to undeniable back pain to neverending headaches, women go through a lot during PMS.

Women tend to crave sugary treats, which makes the symptoms even worse. In season 7, episode 29, Tania Green made “PMS Bites,” which is a healthy alternative to all other unhealthy sugar cravings.

This article will provide you with details about the PMS Bites and what happened when it was aired on Shark Tank.

PMS Bites Net Worth

The net worth of PMS bites back in 2016 was $250,000. The business closed back in 2018, and PMS Bites is out of business today.

Did PMS Bites get a deal on Shark Tank?

Tania Green demanded $50,000 for a 20% equity stake in her company but unfortunately could not secure a deal.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert HerjavecOutN/AN/AN/A
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/AN/A
Barbara CorcoranOutN/AN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/AN/A

PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

did pms bites get a deal on shark tank

In Season 7 Episode 29 of Shark Tank, Tania Green introduced her product, “PMS Bites,” aiming to satisfy the sugar cravings of women and be healthy simultaneously. They are healthy alternatives containing dates and oats as compared to other unhealthy, sugary treats in the market.

After the airing of PMS Bites on Shark Tank, Tania tried to make her online presence strong, but it did not work out quite well. Tania had to shut her business off in 2018.

PMS Bites Founder and Backstory

The person behind PMS Bites is  Tania Green, who came up with this product to satisfy her own sugar craving, but in a healthy way. She comes from Boston. She had a mission to help women turn their awful days into good ones.  She aims to help women optimize their time and energy by consuming healthier alternatives to sugary treats.

Initial Presentation

PMS Bite is a healthy snack made for women during their menstruation. Tania from Boston demands $50,000 for 20% equity in her company. She initiated her presentation by saying that she knows she does not look excited to be on the show.

She said that she is happy on the inside, but her back is killing her with a splitting headache. She is bloated, fearing her dress may pop off and be incredibly hot. She was talking about PMS, which has several symptoms and can last for 7 to 10 days in a month.

She then introduces her product, PMS bites. These bites are delicious and healthy and are designed for women going through their cycle. They are made of all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients and contain the herbs that women normally take for bloating and cramping. They are the perfect snacks that can satisfy women’s cravings. She ended her presentation by asking who was ready to take a bite from the PMS Bites.

Tania gave a few samples to the shark. Sharks jokingly said, “Lori! We know you need it.” Robert appreciated the packaging. The main ingredients are dates, almond butter, and gluten-free oats. Sharks thought that the bites were great, and they loved the taste.

Tania mentioned that each product had only 50 calories. Robert asked about her sales. She mentioned she has made $13,407 in sales in 7 months. She mentioned that she had been executing her retail strategy for two months, selling to retail and independent retailers.

Challenges and Motivations

pms bites net worth

Lori asked if she was making all these bites with her hand. Tania had made 7,500 bites by hand in a commercial kitchen. Robert asked Tania why her product was not selling, and Kevin criticized her further, saying she was a queen of small numbers.

She said it is not because the market needs more interest in her product but because of the lack of funding. She mentioned that she is a one-woman show, doing everything on her own, from pitching to retailers to making the products to packaging the bites to even delivering them on her bike. She manages everything on her own.

Lori asked why she felt the need to make this product, to which she replied that she would have horrible PMS. Kevin said that her product did not necessarily include the ingredients that would help with PMS. Lori mentioned adding herbs to the product that would help with the PMS. Tania said that PMS bites are a healthy alternative to any fatty and sugary food out there.

Kevin highlighted the downside of naming the product PMS Bites. He said that even if he liked the product, he would not be tempted to buy it as a guy who was cutting the market in half.

Lori suggested that she can make the product for everyone, but on her website, she can mention that this is a great product for women with PMS. Tania raised her point that if she named her product “Tania’s Vegan Cookies,” it would cut the entire purpose of making them in the first place.

While talking about her background, she went into marketing and branding firms. She was not interested in selling others’ dreams but was rather interested in selling what she was passionate about. It costs her $1.55 to make the product, with a margin of 66%.

The retail price will be $7. She said she could get her product to high-end gyms and juice bars. Lori asked if she had a competition. She said that her competition will be the products that are not healthy. No one is making a product that has herbs that are beneficial during PMS.

Final Negotiation

Lori said that there are three things she thinks about a product. Is it something people need or want? Can it be made at an affordable price? And if it has a broad audience for it. She said that marketing her product as PMS Bites would lose half the audience, like children and men.

So, she refused to invest in the deal. Robert disagreed with Lori and said that he loved the marketing slogan. He was of the point that there is so much noise in the health industry, and she is unique from others. Although he thinks the product is great, he is out because the numbers are considerably lower.

Barbara was at the point where she needed someone to push this thing through, and she was struggling in sales, so for this reason, she was out. Kevin was out for the same reason again, which is a small number. Mark Cuban said she could do better on social media and online sales rather than only focusing on retail.

He said that she made a strategic mistake and considered it a viral product; she must sell it through an online platform. He failed to refuse as well. Tania thanked the Sharks for their feedback. She felt like she still needed to do a lot of work, and she would work even harder to make her business flourish.

PMS Bites Availability

PMS Bites are chocolate-based treats that are vegan, made with natural ingredients, and free of gluten. PMS bites are made up of brown oats and dates, which are extremely low on the glycemic index. It would not cause a spike in the blood sugar level and lead you to crash later. Sugar can be a worse thing to consume during PMS, as it can worsen the symptoms.

PMS Bites gained popularity after being aired on the Shark Tank. Tania worked on the online presence of PMS Bites, but unfortunately, sales could not go up according to her expectations. PMS Bites has been featured in numerous magazines and websites like Allure, Food & Wine, Today Show, Mashable, and Huffington Post. The business closed in February 2018, and Tania is working as the Chief Marketing Officer at Healthworks Fitness in Boston.


PMS Bites, introduced by Tania Green on Shark Tank, aimed to provide a healthier alternative for women experiencing PMS cravings. Despite the positive feedback on taste and ingredients, Tania faced challenges in marketing and struggled with low sales.

The Sharks, expressing concerns about the product’s name and limited market appeal, ultimately declined to invest. Despite efforts to boost its online presence, PMS Bites closed its business in 2018.

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