Wondercide Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In Season 7 Episode 22, two entrepreneurs, Stephanie Boone, and Laura Alter are here to protect your loved ones including your pets from bugs.

The ladies from Texas are in Shark Tank with a demand of $500,000 with 5% equity for their natural repellant for almost every surface and skin type. But will the Sharks seal the deal? Let’s find out more about the product and its uses.

Wondercide Net worth

Wondercide founders don’t want their customers to wait for days for their online shipment. So they hired sales personnel who skyrocketed their sales. Wondercide’s current net worth is $16.6 million. It’s available in 650 stores and can be ordered online, too.

Did Wondercide get the deal on Shark Tank?

Of course, the deal was sealed. The product had impressive sales and great demonstration. After a small and quick presentation, the Sharks placed their deals on the tables, but after several deals and a series of discussions, Wondercide found its deal with Lori Greiner with terms. Let’s check the rollercoaster journey of Wondercide at Shark Tank.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Robert HerjavecOUTN/ANoNo
Lori Greiner$500,000 with royalty 50 cents for each item + 3% sharesN/ANoYes
Kevin O’Leary$500,000 with 6.75% till $1.5 million recovered + 3% sharesN/A$500,000 with 6% till $1.5 million recovered + 3% sharesNo
David Daymond$500,000 for 15%N/ANoNo
Mark CubanOUTN/AN/ANo

Wondercide Shark Tank Update

wondercide net worth

Wondercide And its uses

A natural bug repellent for everyone, Wondercide removes pests. The idea of the business is to replace all the pesticides with Wondercide. Effective in removing pests, bugs, and insects from your house and your pets. Yes! This keeps the pets free from bugs, insects, and critters. To protect your loved ones whether it’s your kids or pets, this natural ingredients-based repellent will ensure no bugs surround them.

Founder and backstory

Stephanie mentioned about her late dog, Lunar. She died from a reverse reaction to the monthly planned pesticide control product. Her death motivated the founder to create this product. Then Robert wanted to know about the founders. He inquired about their background and how they jumped into this business.

Stephanie mentioned her background as a real estate tax accountant. She also didn’t have any experience in business or chemistry. So she quit her job to start her meth lab and started to learn it.

Lori confirmed the founders’ approval from the laboratory. So, the founders of this query ensured that the laboratory certified the product. Then, they showed the results of the product efficiency and the time taken to achieve its efficiencies to the Sharks.

Pitch and initial presentation

Both founders, Stephanie Boone and Laura Alter, began their pitch. They stated their demand for $500,000 with 5% shares for the investors. They begin by explaining pesticides and their hazardous effects on kids and pets. The product is laboratory-tested and moms certified in the USA. The heir product Wondercide has all the security checkpoints of mothers – effective, safe, and natural.

The founders’ goal is to replace America’s pesticides with their product, Wondercide. Laura then handed over the product samples to the Sharks. And we are gladly ready for the Shark attacks. Kevin begins to inquire about the product. He inquired if the product is bug repellent for pets only. Stephanie replied that besides being an insect repellent for humans, it repels critters, bugs, flying insects, and even bed bugs. Meanwhile, Robert played with Mercy, Stephanie’s dog.

Kevin went on to inquire about the efficiency of the product on other surfaces. Laura replied that the product is effective on non-strain and dry surfaces and carpets. Mark then asked the most important question: what distinguishes them from their competitors? Robert also joined the conversation and wanted to know what was different.

Stephanie explained that other products have 95% water and 5% active ingredients. At the same time, their product comprises only active ingredients. Robert was curious about the product and wanted to know more. He clearly stated that their product is all around and inquired about their targeted audience. Stephanie mentioned that their target audience is the pet market.

He then questioned about the sales. Stephanie stated that last year’s sales were $4 million, which amazed the Sharks. This year sales are from $3 to $3.5 million. Kevin inquired about the percentage of their revenue from the pet market. Stephanie mentioned 75% of the $4 million from the pet market.

Kevin then inquired about their backstory. David then inquired about the sources of orders, which are 80% online, 45% from the website, and 35% from Amazon. Then comes the margins. Stephanie stated that the profit margin is 70%. Then he inquired about the investment plan, to which Laura explained that they needed sales personnel to hunt down 600 wholesale accounts by next year to add another million dollars to their profit.

Discussion on pitch and offer

did wondercide get the deal on shark tank

Mark and Kevin jumped into the conversation about why they need these funds for another million when they can do this by visiting the store door to door. Laura explained that they focused on their online sales and didn’t want it to be affected by shifting to retail marketing. David placed his offer of $500,000 for 15%. Then Kevin jumped with his offer.

Kevin offered $500,000 with 6.75% in sales profit till $1.5 million is earned. After the revenue is earned, he wants 3% of the shares. The talk is intense here when Sharks are in with 2 different offers. But founders have over-priced their shares. Now, Mark is out to make the decision to shift to retail sales. And so is Robert due to the lack of knowledge about the market.

Negotiation and final deal

Lori stepped in the demand offer but the small equity number didn’t engage her to take the deal. So, she presented a deal of $500,000 with 50 cents on each sale till the investment was recovered and then 3% shares. The founders confirmed David’s partnership in Lori’s deal, and he disagreed. Wondercide’s founders decided to go with Lor’s deal.

Wondercide Availability

Wondrcide is a natural bug repellent for surfaces, kids, and pets. This product is effective on almost every surface and for everyone. Eco-friendly, zero chemical, and no synthetic chemicals are used to make this product natural. It provides effectiveness with seconds to various critters. And is proven by laboratory results.

Moreover, it’s available in various scents like Aleo Vera, Lemongrass, Lavender, and many more. These are available in various packages. They can be quickly ordered from their website and Amazon. Delivery time varies depending on the location.


Stephanie and Laura pitched their natural pesticide on Shark Tank. Their demand was $500,000 with 5% equity. Impressive sales and good revenue have attracted the Sharks. After a chain of offers and counteroffers, Stephanie and Laura mutually agreed to go with Lori Greiner, Her deal was to invest $500,000 with a royalty of 50 cents for each item sold and 3% shareholders. This made things easy for the founders who wanted to boost their sales by hiring retail sales personnel.

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