Pick Up Bricks Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Entrepreneurs from California, Aurora Weinstock, and Steven Weinstock, are on the Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 8 with a gift for parents. Their product, Pick Up Bricks, uses a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the small toys and tiny bricks. These little devices reduce cleaning chores, parents’ stress, and pain in the foot. But will Sharks help parents to get this small vacuum to get big success?

Pick Up Bricks Net Worth

The net worth of Pick Up Bricks is estimated to be 0.4 million. The company is currently operational. The expansion of the product line has boosted their sales. The company’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, with around ten employees. The social media accounts were active in December 2023.

What Happened to Pick Up Bricks After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, there was significant growth in sales. Many customers shared their positive reviews on social media handlers. The company receives numerous orders for the Christmas season.

Did Pick Up Bricks get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, they didn’t get a deal. They got four deals from four Sharks. Isn’t that amazing? Check the back and forth of offers encounter offers.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Barbara Corcoran$400,000 as a line of credit with 20% shares$200,000 with 10% sharesNoNo
Lori Greiner#1 $200,000 with 20% shares #2 $200,000 with 15% shares$200,000 with 10% shares#1 $200,000 with 15% shares #2 $200,000 with 16% sharesYes
Kevin O’LearyOUT$200,000 with 10% sharesNoNo
Daymond John#1 $200,000 with 20% shares #2 $200,000 with 15% shares$200,000 with 10% shares$200,000 with 15% sharesNo
Mark Cuban$200,000 with 12% shares$200,000 with 10% shares#1 $200,000 with 15% shares #2 $200,000 with 16% sharesYes

Pick Up Bricks Shark Tank Update

pick up bricks net worth

Founders & Their Backstory

Aurora, the founder of Pick up Bricks and a mother of three boys, understands the need for this product. She studied at Fordham University with a Bachelor in Communication and Media Studies. The notorious LEGO blocks and their tiny bricks were a real pain in her foot. She looked around her family and friends for a solution. They came to know that there is no specific vacuum cleaner for kids. So she decided to make one.

Later, her brother-in-law, Steven, joined her as an ally. He also suffered foot pain from bricks. He understood the job well. They began their product underwent the design and development phase for four years. In 2022, the product Pick Up Bricks was all set to be sold.

Initial Pitch

Aurora and Steven interestingly entered the Sharks hall. Steven was barefoot while Aurora wore the socks. White both walk on the bricks spread on the floor. Aurora introduced herself and her brother-in-law, Steven. She then began the pitch with her demand for $200,000 for 10% equity in the company Pick Up Bricks.

Steven starts to explain how these small, tiny bricks are a nightmare for the parents. He further challenged Sharks to remove their shoes and walk on those bricks. Steven explained that the biggest nightmare for all parents is getting their kids to pick all these bricks off the floor.

So Aurora invented the Pick-Up Bricks. She explained her product as a kid vacuum cleaner that picks up all the bricks and small toys in each corner of the home. It is cordless, long-lasting, and straightforward to use. The best way is to separate the dust and dirt from the toy during suction. In this way, the floor is cleaned by toys and dirt. This is the most effective way to help their kids learn to clean. Aurora concluded the outra by which Shark will join them to Pick Up Bricks.

Queries about the Product

did pick up bricks get a deal on shark tank

Sharks were then given a demo with some toys placed on their tables. Kevin complimented the product as fun. Kevin begins with the price and manufacturing cost of each unit. Steven responded that it was $99 and $32.64, respectively. Kevin then inquired about the retailers. Both responded with a no, as they were selling it directly from their website. Lorin asked about the sale duration. Aurora answered that the development of the product began 4 years ago. But they started selling the product last year(2022).

Kevin questioned about the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of the product. Steven replied that at the beginning, it was $26, and at the time of the show, it was $11. Their goal is to reach under $10. Mark asked about the sales. Steven replied that the sales were $348,000 in total. Lori is interested in product quality, so Steven and Aurora answered that they are in talks with manufacturers to bring it to $20.

Lori continues her queries. Next, she asked about the investment they made in it. Aurora replied with $495,000. Barbara listened to the conversation and then inquired about the reason for the investment. Steven asked if they needed it for inventory. As the Christmas holiday approaches, they need help with it. This season gets the 75% of the sales per year. She then inquired about the credit lines. Steven answered that they don’t have credit lines and debts.

Mark inquired about their plans for next year. Steven said they plan to take it internationally – starting with the UK and Germany. They plan to reduce the cost and get it to retailers as well. Mark inquired about their future sales number in three years. Steven answered to take it to 100 million in sales.

Shark Responses & Final Deal

what happened to pick up bricks after shark tank

Kevin appreciates the fact it reduces the pain for parents. But he does consider investing in a product with a long way to return this capital. Daymond offered $200,000 with 20% shares. Barbara jumped in with her deal of $400,000 with 20% shares in the credit line. Lori also gave their offer in the same way as Daymond’s. She offered $200,000 with 20% equity. Next, Mark offered his deal of $200,000 at 12%.

4 Sharks, four deals. Next, Lori and Daymond revised their deal to 15%. Steven proposed his option of a joint agreement for Mark and Lori. He counteroffered $200,000 with 7.5% each. Both then counteroffered with 18% shares for both. Steven and Aurora took a few seconds to talk privately. They then counteroffer for 16%. Mark and Lori agreed. After a big hit, the deal got sealed.

What Went Wrong with the Pick Up Bricks On Shark Tank?

Pick Up Bricks has the potential to grab attention and make money. However, as a small company in the giant toy industry, producing good profits will take time. Just like Kevin said, there is a low margin for profits. This point got the entrepreneurs in a bit of a tight scenario. Otherwise, the pitch was fun.

Product Availability

Pick Up Bricks can be purchased from their website and Amazon. Due to its massive sales, it is mostly unavailable in the off-season. The bulk restock is done at Christmas with deals.


Two entrepreneurs and parents, Aurora and Steven, are at Shark Tank to get investment for their product. This product cleans the house and motivates the children to learn to clean their mess. They demanded for $200,000 for 10% shares.

They were welcomed with four deals by four Sharks. After an exciting pitch, the series of offers begin. All four Sharks except Kevin offered their deals. In the end, Aurora and Steven accept the deal from Mark and Lori.

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