Seriously Slime Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In this super exciting episode of Shark Tank, we met the founders of Seriously Slime, a business that makes excellent products for kids.

Shannon and Sarah are two young entrepreneurs in this business. They create a wide range of colorful slime kits. This product specializes in high-quality and super-satisfying Slime.

The founders joined the show in Season 11, Episode 19, and presented their business idea to investors. The Sharks involved were Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Daniel Lubetzky.

Let’s see if the founders can impress the Sharks. Did they manage to seal the deal? Just dive in and read this article to find out what happened!

Seriously Slime Net worth

Seriously Slime net worth is zero. The company is out of business.

Did Seriously Slime get a deal on Shark Tank?

The company failed to secure any deal on the show. Despite the innovative features of its product, Seriously Slime couldn’t inspire the Sharks.

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeEquityAccepted?
Lori Greiner  OutN/AN/A
Kevin O’LearyOutN/AN/A
Daniel LubetzkyOutN/AN/A
Mark Cuban  OutN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecOutN/AN/A

Seriously Slime Shark Tank Update

seriously slime net worth

It’s a company that makes super cool slime products. Seriously Slime cares about what kids love. Most children love to make Slime at home; they want to experiment with it and sometimes get this slime from the market. This company makes products with high quality and super satisfying textures. These particular features are captivating and like a magnet for kids’ attention; thus, the business is growing.

Founder and Backstory

Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott are the company’s founders, Seriously Slime. They are from Evanston, Illinois, and wanted to develop an exciting product to grab kids’ attention. They create colorful Slime as the kids are drawn to vibrant colors and endless play. They continue to create and innovate slime-related products and bring joy to kids worldwide.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

The entrepreneurs walked into the show and introduced themselves. They started the conversation by describing briefly their product. If you have children between 4 and 12, they would ask you to buy or make Slime for them. They want Slime everywhere, so they watch endless online videos as they always love playing with it.

Slime is a messy product and needs a lot of ingredients. That’s why Shannon and Sarah created Seriously Slime and their motto is, Let the kids make Slime. There are no looming concerns over this particular product. The company was seeking $90,000 with the equity of a 10% stake.

Discussion on Pitch and Offer

what happened to seriously slime after shark tank

After their presentation, they asked one of the sharks to come over there and make Slime. Robert stood up and joined the kids on the stage who were already there making Slime from Seriously Slime products. He experienced that it’s pretty easy for children to do satisfying experiments with these slimes. It’s just a three-step process: stir all the ingredients well, then pull and fold. The slime would be ready quickly.

Kevin said that there’s already a lot of Slime on the market. The pro did not do anything other than fire him. Shannon replied that their product has a model, and they started by doing mobile parties. They are an experiential company. Moreover, Kevin asked about the service regions.

The founder said that they are in Chicago, Evanston Illinois. As for the information, Robert asked if the company had got a license. However, the company still needs to get the license because it started seven months ago. Kevin said you are looking for national marketing support. People are attracted to licensed franchises or parties. One of the founders further explained that they started their shops two months ago. They have gone through all the paperwork to get a license.

Mark asked for more about sales; let’s look at the event business! How many events have you done? Shannon said since they started, they have made 28,000 in revenue. Of them, 23,000 are just from the last two months when they opened the shop. Robert inquired what they charge per event. Shannon said $300- $350. The entrepreneurs mentioned that last year, there were 2 billion views on slime videos on the internet. This incredible number shows people’s interest in Slime, and that’s why they want to grow their business.

Negotiation and Final Deal

No one from the Sharks was ready to invest in this product when making offers. They found this product very ordinary as there’s already a lot of slime in the markets. The founders’ presentation couldn’t inspire the investors, so the company failed to secure any deal on Shark Tank.

Challenges and Motivations

Like any business, Seriously Slime is faced with evolving toy trends. They had to develop more innovative products to stay ahead of the game. For manufacturing purposes, a lot of research and ingredients were required. There was also a need for paperwork to get a license for the company.

Among all these challenges, the founders were driven by their creative spirit. They were passionate and desired to bring joy to children. They worked to make it easy for kids to get slime products and established the company Seriously Slime.

Product Availability

Seriously Slime products are widely accessible. They are available in the marketplace, online websites, and various toy shops. Slime can be purchased as slime kits and containers for kids. It’s easy for customers to get these fantastic products.

When it comes to its potential impact, the company’s product has a significant influence on the toy industry. It flourishes the kids’ play experiences because of its unique features and inspires the whole community of slime lovers.


The company could not manage to close any deal on the show. The Sharks were not impressed by the product and made no offers. Still, the entrepreneurs are hopeful and are going to continue their business.

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