GarmaGaurd Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

In this thrilling episode of Shark Tank, we met with Bianca and Peter, who founded GarmaGaurd. It specializes in making products that kill viruses and germs. In today’s world, where cleanliness and hygiene are so important, GarmaGuard is a valuable product that keeps us safe and healthy.

The entrepreneurs joined the show in Season 12, Episode 01, and presented their product to investors. The Sharks involved were Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Blake Mycoskie. Let’s see if the company can manage to get a deal. Did the founders inspire the Sharks? If you want to learn more, just read this article!

GarmaGaurd Net Worth

The company was valued at one million dollars on Shark Tank. GarmaGaurd had a net worth of $80,000 and a wealth of $500,000 in 2023.

Did the Company get a deal on Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, the company couldn’t close any deal on the show. The investors liked the product, but no one was interested in making an offer for the company.

Shark(s) nameOfferDemandCounterofferAccepted?
Blake MycoskieN/AN/AN/ANo
Lori GreinerN/AN/AN/ANo
Kevin O’LearyN/AN/AN/ANo
Daymond JohnN/AN/AN/ANo
Mark CubanN/AN/AN/ANo

GarmaGaurd Shark Tank Update

garmagaurd net worth

The company makes a natural garment product that kills germs and viruses to keep you clean. It is designed as a spray, which adds an extra layer of protection against microorganisms when you apply it on any surface.

GarmaGaurd has proven to be a beneficial tool during the COVID pandemic to free you from germs. Using this product is a super fast and convenient way to maintain good hygiene. It can also extract foul odor and create a pleasant aroma.

Founder and Backstory

Bianca and Peter Badaway are a married couple from Milltown. They came up with the idea of making a non-toxic fabric cleanser and established the GarmaGaurd. Bianca used to work as a nurse, and her experience made her aware of the importance of taking precautions.

When she came home after the hospital, she made sure to change out first. She would not allow kids to touch her with work clothes. That’s the point when she understood the importance of cleaning products. That’s how the co-founders of this company decided to create an innovative natural product for hygiene.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

The co-founders of GarmaGaurd, Bianca, and Peter, entered the show and introduced themselves. They were seeking $100,000 with an equity of 10% stake. The entrepreneurs also brought Joe with them to present their products.

To make the sharks understand their product, they said Joe gets up, puts the mask on, and leaves his home, and goes off to work. Many nasty germs, such as dirt, odor, and even bacteria, attack him and stay on his clothes. The germs won’t leave the surface until clothes are washed.

The founders said they can’t even wear safety costumes for cleanliness. They created GarmaGaurd, a helpful cleaning product to eliminate germs. It contains natural propellants and is simple to use. Just spray on your hands or clothes; this product will make them clean, freshen, and odor-free.

Discussion on Pitch and Offers

After describing their business model, the founders presented the sample product to each product investor so they could check it out. Blake, the guest shark, started the discussion and sprayed the product on his shoe for testing. And it worked; the socks’ smell went away. Upon seeing this, Kevin was curious and asked about how the product works. To explain why odors can be removed, Peter said that the spray killed the odor-producing bacteria, and it’s a lab test.

Moreover, the product has a pleasant scent upon application. Then Lori asked if it would be effective for viruses as well. The founders said, Yes! It’s effective for all kinds of germs. To proceed with the discussion, Mark asked about the company’s sales. Peter said they have been in business for one and a half years, and sales are at 476000. The numbers impressed the sharks, so Daymond asked about their careers and whether they had been in business. Bianca said that she’s been working as a nurse and that her experience made her realize a need for cleaning products.

Further, Mark wanted to know how they amplify and sell their product. They said they are selling through online platforms. The product’s unit price is $12.99, and the cost to make it is $85, which is a significant margin. At the end of the discussion, Kevin came up with a suggestion for entrepreneurs. He said that they should write “GarmaGaurd kills the COVID” on the spray bottle, and it would be a great message during this pandemic condition.

Negotiation and Final Deal

When the whole discussion ended, and it came to making offers, all the sharks were out. They appreciated the product and its innovative features but were still waiting for someone to make a deal with the company. In today’s marketing world,  there is already a lot of competition. So, the sharks wanted to wait to invest in an established business that needs much marketing to grow. That’s how the GarmaGaurd ended its journey on Shark Tank and left the show without closing a deal.

Challenges and Motivations

As for the challenges, it was required to find a successful formula for manufacturing new products. A lot of research work needed to be done to come up with a non-toxic cleaning product. Moreover, It took some time for founders to spread awareness about their product. Thus, there was a need for distribution channels for this purpose.

Despite all these challenges, Bianca and Peter stick to their dream. They were determined to promote cleanliness and personal hygiene. They wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This desire motivated them to overcome all the hurdles and pursue their passion.

Product Retail Availability

Garma Guard’s products can be found on online platforms. They are accessible at the company’s office; people can quickly get them simply by ordering from there.

As for potential impact, Using this product resulted in an overall improvement in cleanliness. As a result of its ability to eliminate germs upon contact, it reduces the chance of illness. It finally eliminates odors and creates new scents, which is a long time coming.


GarmaGaurd failed to secure a deal with sharks. The entrepreneurs needed help convincing the investors of a deal. The sharks liked the innovative product but were interested in something other than making an offer for the company. The founders are still holding onto hope and are determined to see their business grow.

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