MountainFlow Eco-Wax Shark Tank Update – MountainFlow Net worth

The thrilling MountainFlow Shark Tank episode introduces us to Peter Arlein from Carbondale, Colorado. He came up with his product ‘MountainFlow eco-wax’. It’s an ecologically friendly wax, which benefits those who love and enjoy skiing.

Peter joined the Shark Tank in Season 12 Episode 12 to present his innovative product to investors. Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran were part of the show as Sharks.

Let’s see if Peter inspired sharks. Did ‘MountainFlow eco-wax’ manage to get a deal? If you have missed the episode, you can enjoy the whole scenario while reading this article. So, let’s dive into this exciting episode of Shark Tank!

MountainFlow Net worth

The net worth of MountainFlow eco wax is estimated to be $3 million.

Did the MountainFlow get a Deal on the Shark Tank?

Yes, MountainFlow got a deal with two Sharks on the show, Barbara and Kevin. They offered $300,000 with a 20% equity stake. 

Shark(s) InvolvedOffer madeCounter OfferEquityAccepted?
Lori Greiner  N/AN/AN/ANo
Barbara Corcoran and          Kevin O’Leary$300,000$250,000 with 15% stake20%Yes
Daymond John$250,000No25%No
Mark Cuban  N/A            N/AN/ANo

MountainFlow Shark Tank Update

MountainFlow Products

MountainFlow is a fantastic wax-making company. Its speciality is using biodegradable and renewable materials such as plants for mankind wax, which is used for snowboards and skis. Regular waxes for winter sports are usually petroleum-based, which ultimately causes environmental pollution because of the production of harmful substances.

This eco-wax is appreciable in replacing regular wax for causing no environmental harm. Many renowned snowboarders and skiers worldwide are using this MountainFlow product. It has become internationally recognized and helps to keep the earth safe and clean.

MountainFlow Eco-Wax Founder and Backstory

mountainflow eco wax founder on shark tank

Peter Arlein is the founder of MountainFlow eco Wax from Carbondale, Colorado. He is a passionate skier who loves skiing far and wide on rocky mountains. He realized snowboarders should have a safe option to protect the environment from pollutants.

Regular petroleum-based waxes may be added to snowpacks when applied to skis and boards, which also causes health issues. That petroleum-mixed snow would change into water, and there is a chance of use for drinking purposes. So, to avoid these negative impacts of wax, eco wax is an environmentally friendly product made with natural and renewable ingredients, which harms snow water.

Pitch and Initial Presentation

MountainFlow Eco Wax is founded by Peter. He walked into the show and interestingly introduced himself. He told me how much he’s into skiing and how he thought about making sustainable wax for its positive effects. It works the same way as regular wax and is entirely plant-based for skis.

Unlike petroleum, a raw material for gasoline and diesel, natural materials are always renewable and biodegradable. This company already has many world champions who use its product. The founder was seeking $250,000 with the equity of a 10% stake in his company.

Discussion on Pitch and Offer

After presenting his product and pitch, the founder asked the sharks to look at the sample to understand how it worked quickly. Peter opened an eco wax to apply on a ski. It’s quick and easy to use. You just drip the wax on the board and iron it in. This would be ready to glide down slopes.

Barbara was quite interested in the conversation, so she asked, “What’s your demographic target?” Peter replied, “We target all the markets”. Then Lori inquired if they also sell it in ski shops. Peter replied, Yes. He further explained the key differences between conventional and eco wax: if there are 10 ski shops in a market, people will go to this product because it’s quick and easily useable for all. It’s also present in Pad Form, which needs to be rubbed on board and ready to hit the slopes.

Lori didn’t know about waxing the ski, so she asked why. Peter said reducing friction between snow and ski is necessary because grinding slows down the speed. Then John joined the discussion and said on a lighter note that he might be the only snowboarder among them. He said he’s been snowboarding in New York, like on Brillo pad. So he needed to wax his board all the time.

Then he asked the average price, and Peter told them that it was $16 and for retail, it was $2.50. These figures impressed the investors. And before making offers, Mark asked about the sales. Founder replied, ” Last year we did $150,000 in sales. And this year we are projected to 750.” These numbers are just impressive, and now they are moving to international, like in Switzerland, Austria and the United States.

Negotiation and Final Deal

Lori and Mark were already out when making offers because they didn’t know about skiing. One of the Sharks, Barbara, was quite interested in the deal, so she offered $250,000 with an equity of 20% stake. Then the other one, Kevin, said he was also a skier and would love to make $250,000 with 15% equity.

As the episode proceeded, they offered $250,000 and an equity of 20% stake. The founder wasn’t much interested in this deal. He asked Daymond if he would like to invest. Daymond said he took Lindsey Vaughan in his ownership, the winning champion of the World Cup, and made an offer,000 with a 25% stake. Peter rejected this offer because 25% was too much for him.

So, after some exciting contributions from investors, counteroffers, and negotiation, MountainFlow Eco Wax got a deal with Kevin and Barbara. It accepted an offer of $300,000 with a 20% equity stake. So, this was the outcome of an exciting episode of Shark Tank.

Challenges and Motivations

Finding the perfect formula for natural ingredients for high-performance wax formation was complex. Much experimentation and research might have taken to find a good product. But Peter’s passion and desire kept him working to provide harmless wax for a pollutant-free environment.

Retail Availability

Eco wax is typically found on the company’s official website, online platforms and offline retailers. This eco wax is making a difference from using regular wax for mountains. Natural ingredients in this product will make the MountainFlow likely to grow. People who are aware of its positive impacts will prefer to purchase this eco-friendly wax. A group of famous champions signed up with this company, which also helps advertise this product.


MountainFlow had an impactful and successful journey in the show. The founder got two sharks on the board, Barbara and Kevin. Both were fascinated by Peter’s innovative products and made offers. Entrepreneur and Sharks seal the deal, hoping the company will grow and make more product advancements.

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