Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg from Texas are at Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 6 for the sake of relief. Both entrepreneurs have brought their innovative products to outdoors people. This product helps them to relive easily without dealing with mess. But will Sharks invest in something that helps campers relieve themselves easily?

Krapp Strapp Net Worth

Lori and Daymond invested $65k for 33.3% equity in the company. As per the sales, investment and post-Shark Tank boost in website sales, Krapp Strapp’s net worth is estimated at around $560k. The company is growing at a rapid speed. Moreover, the company Air Boss Outdoors introduced more products in the queue. 

What Happened to Krapp Strapp After Shark Tank?

Krapp Strapp did the best sales after the TV appearance. According to their team, they set to sell 50 units per week. Sales boost after the TV appearance. The business is running smoothly. The social media page is not very active but the sales growth seems good. 

Did Krapp Strapp get a deal at Shark Tank?

Yes, they get a deal with Lori and Daymond. It was an amusing pitch. Check out how 82-year-old men won a deal. 

Shark(s) Name        Offer        Demand  Counter Offer      Accepted?
Robert Herjavc          OUT          N/A             N/A             NO  
Lori Greiner
+ Daymond John
$65,000 with 35% equity

$65,000 with 33.3% equity
$65,000 for 10% equity$65,000 for 25%          Yes ($65,000 with 33.3% equity)
Kevin O’Leary          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO
Mark Cuban          OUT          N/A          N/A          NO

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Update

krapp strapp net worth

Founders & their Background

Bob Legg is 82 years old with his 30-year-old friend, Keith Lindsey. Both friends have their own outdoor merchandise company known as Air Boss Outdoors. They have expanded their product line even more. 

Initial Pitch

Keith and Bob began the pitch with their introduction. Bob demanded $65,000 for 10% equity in their company. Their company provides innovative and essential solutions for old-age problems. They are here to provide the best and easiest solution to dump out outdoors.

Two straps are attached to the tree for support while you can do your work. A dummy was placed for demonstration. A video was played for learning purposes. Krapp Strapp has pockets for tissues and other toiletries. Sharks laughed wholeheartedly when Bob asked them to use a hand to get the job done. Then Mark was requested to give a quick demo. 

Queries about the Product

what happened to krapp strapp after shark tank

Lori begins to inquire about their backstory. Next Kevin asked about the sales. Keith replied that the product was launched last year in October. They have 4,000 units without zero dollars spent on marketing. It was sold from their e-commerce website. Lori and Kevin asked simultaneously about the price of each unit. Keith said it’s $49.95. They made it in 4 months. Robert inquired about the manufacturing cost to which Keith said it takes $17. 

Lori questioned that without marketing how people came to know about it. Bob said that he made a single social media post seen by millions. Daymond inquired about their plan for the investment money. Keith informed that they have wasted money by working on e-commerce, marketing, and social media. Daymond restated that they wanted investment money and a partner to help with them.

Shark’s Responses & Final Deal

did krapp strapp get a deal at shark tank

Robert was the first to step out. He said the product was not for him so he left the deal and wished them luck. Kevin mentioned that it’s a fantastic product. But as a Shark, he can’t invest in this product so he left. Daymond asked Lori to join him in a deal. Meanwhile, Mark stepped out as it was not his industry of interest. After a few seconds of discussion, they came up with a deal.

Daymond and Lori offered $65,000 with 35% equity. Bob counter-offered $65,000 for 25%. Lori revised her offer. She proposed $65,000 for 33.3% equity. They accepted the deal and cheerfully left the stage. 

What Went Wrong with Krapp Strapp At Shark Tank

Krapp Strapp was a hilarious itch ever on the show. It was funny and amazing at the same time. All Sharks enjoyed and had a great time. Most of the Sharks skipped the deal as they didn’t belong to the industry. But Lori and Daymond made the day.

Product Availability

Krapp Strapp can be purchased from their website and Amazon. Air Boss Motion Decoys sold their item for $49.95. Delivery fee is charged based on the region and location.


Both Bob and Keith came to Shark Tank to offer their innovative product to have a relaxing toilet time. They demanded for $65,000 for 10% equity. After an amusing presentation and almost a live demo by Mark, the Sharks were impressed by the sales number. However, all Sharks were left out due to their lack of industry. Except for Daymond and Lori. Both had a joint deal for $65,000 for 33.3% equity for each. And they ended up making a deal. 

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