Heart Pup Shark Tank Update – Heart Pup Net Worth

heart pup shark tank update

Dogs are adorable, and some of them love to be carried. Anatasia Balyura, a law student, came up with the idea of “Heart Pup.” Heart Pup is a dog carrier that can hung on the shoulder, so you can carry your dog everywhere with you. She managed to get the deal with Daymond John in …

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DrumPants Shark Tank Update – DrumPants net worth

drumpants shark tank update

The Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 3 saw the entry of a wearable brand that aims to change how people interact with devices. Focused on musicians and young artists, DrumPants produces bands with sensors to help create music anywhere. It was meant to go a step ahead of the smartwatches and wristbands. DrumPants, a corporate …

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Ninja Cards Shark Tank Update – Ninja Cards Net Worth

ninja cards shark tank update

From the 15th century till today, people have been fascinated by the mysterious ways of ninjas. They live by a strict moral code of dignity and respect. Ninjas are secret fighters known for being very sneaky and skilled. That’s why everyone likes to be Ninja and participate in fun games like throwing cards, similar to …

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