Gunnar Optiks Shark Tank Update – Gunnar Optiks Net Worth

gunnar optiks shark tank update

This super exciting episode of Shark Tank introduces us to Joe Croft, who has established a company named Gunnar Optiks. It makes a particular type of eyewear for digital device users. In this remote era, most of us spend time in front of screens continuously, getting our eyes affected by different kinds of light. The …

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SolSource Shark Tank Update – SolSource net worth

solsource shark tank update

On Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 22, Dr. Catlin Powers brings an energy-efficient product for BBQ lovers. SolSource has a solid range of solar-powered grills that prevent the toxic fuel remnants from depositing on the food.  SolSource had relocated its business from the Himalayas to America. The owner needs funds to finance her working capital …

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