Tucky Belt Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

Having difficulty tucking your tops, Brooke Knaus was also facing the same problem and decided to create Tucky. Tucky is a product that has a solution to enhance your wardrobe and create new stylish looks. Brooke Knaus came to the Shark Tank season 14 finale.

Offering a complete solution to revamp your wardrobe with a tiny accessory. The entrepreneur came in with three models who were using the accessory and the Sharks got a chance to interact with them and increase their understanding of the product.

Furthermore, Brooke didn’t hold back and was very comfortable in explaining the use case scenarios of the Tucky belt. In the end, after much scrutiny from the Sharks, was Tucky able to seal the deal with one of the Sharks? Read below to find out more.

Tucky Belt Net Worth

Brooke Knaus asked for a $70k investment in exchange for 30% equity in her company. This meant she valued her company at $233k. She made a deal with Daymond John for $70k in exchange for 39% of her company. This new deal valued her company at $179k. After the show aired, Tucky saw a big increase in website traffic, sales, and social media exposure. With an estimated 10% yearly growth rate (typical business growth), the current net worth of Tucky is about $238k.

What happened to Tucky Belt after Shark Tank?

On the day the episode of Shark Tank aired, Tucky sold out completely. After that Tucky was on a pre-order basis only for two months. This reflects a steep climb in the sales rolling in due to the publicity on the show. Furthermore, Brooke is also working with a Creative Marketing agency suggested by Daymond John.

Along with Tucky, there is now another product available on the site by the name of Stitchy. This product helps in temporarily binding scarves to your clothes. With the addition of products and the coverage Tucky has been receiving in the Press is quite phenomenal. Whether the deal with Daymond John actually materialized or not has yet to be seen.

Did Tucky Belt get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Tucky got a deal on Shark Tank. The two fashion industry Extraordinaires Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary showed interest and offered to pay the asking offer that was $70,000 for 40% equity. Despite Mark Cuban’s suggestion to Brooke to counter the offer, Brooke only decreased the equity percentage to a mere 1%. Leaving everyone shocked Daymond jumped up and accepted the offer. Upon which the deal was sealed.  

Shark(s) nameOffer & DemandCounterofferAccepted?
Daymond John$70,000 for 40% equity$70,000 for 39% of equityYes
Lori GreinerOutN/AN/A
Kevin O’Leary$70,000 for 40% equityN/AN/A
Barbara CorcoranOutN/AN/A
Mark CubanOutN/AN/A

Tucky Belt Shark Tank Update

tucky belt net worth


Brooke Knaus created Tucky after having her second child. While she was postpartum, she felt disconnected from her body, due to the lack of shape. In order to recreate the hourglass figure, she was wearing sweatpants and matching sets. However, they all have a lot of bulk to them, so she decided to try the viral hack of tucking your top in your bra. She kept tucking her top in her bra and every time it kept failing.

Because she is the mother of two, she was moving a lot and the tuck in the bra hack wasn’t proving to be helpful. Hence, she decided to look for a product that may help resolve this issue, however, she did not find any solution or product. Thinking that if this is an issue for her, there must be a lot of other women experiencing the same issue. That’s why she created Tucky.

Initial Pitch

what happened to tucky belt after shark tank

Brooke Knaus came into the Shark tank asking for $70,000 for 30% of the equity. She talked about how popular crop tops were at that time. She used a model to ask and answer the question of how to turn your existing shirts and tops into crop tops. She told the sharks that they could chop off the extra material and make it a crop but that leads to wastage of a perfectly good top.

She also mentions a bra tuck hack that is wildly popular on social media. Essentially what a bra tuck means is that the shirt or top is tucked into the bra and that should technically help create the hourglass shape. However, from moving around and going about your daily chores the top slips out. With that, she asks what to do when the hacks inevitably don’t work? The answer is Tucky. While she explained what Tucky was the model next to her started putting on the belt and that helped the sharks visually see the use of the belt.

Tucky is an elastic band with two silicone strips on the inside, just wrap it around your waist and securely fasten and tuck your shirts up and under and you have a lasting crop, that’s secure, comfortable and there is no slippage. Tucky is the tool to unlock your closets in a new way and lets you style your clothes in a new way that you never imagined before. She had three models in the room with her wearing the Tucky belt, offering varied use case scenarios and she told the sharks to look at the models if they wanted to see how the belt works.

Queries about Tucky

Lori asked Brooke if she was wearing a Tucky and why would she need it with the outfit she had on which was a long skirt and a cropped baggy shirt. Brooke explained that if she had tucked her shirt into her skirt there would be a large bulk underneath the skirt and that’s what she is trying to avoid while she makes the most out of the figure that she has.

Kevin asked about the sales of the product. Brooke responded by sharing that Tucky had been launched six months ago so the numbers she was going to provide were for 6 months. In 6 months, she has made $60,000 in gross sales. Kevin further asks if the sales were online all direct to moms or in stores as well. Brooke responded by telling him that 98% was online and the rest she had some boutiques in Charleston, South Carolina that carry the product.

Kevin also asked what does it cost to make the product? Brooke responded that landed and packaging included cost her $5 and they retail for $30, her net take-home profit had been $40,000 in that year. Kevin also asked about the social media presence and demonstration of the product. To which Brooke responded that she is very active on social media and that she attributes a lot of her sales to having gone viral on TikTok within the first month.

Lori asked about the content of the viral video. Brooke told them that she was debunking the bra tuck hack that was extremely popular at the time. Lori while declaring herself out raised a question about the market size of the product. To which Brooke responded that Tucky’s primary market is from ages 17 to 25. There are 15 million women in the USA alone from that demographic who can benefit from this product.

Daymond asked about the ownership of the company and if there were any other owners. Brooke told him that she was the owner, all by herself one hundred percent. 

Shark’s Responses and Final Deal

did tucky belt get a deal on shark tank

Mark Cuban was very appreciative and while it wasn’t the right company for him to invest him, he still cheered her on and congratulated her on her success. Lori thought that the product was innovative and a creative idea but she didn’t know the market size for the product and didn’t seem to see any scalability in the future. She also mentioned that it is a good product and a great business for Brooke herself but as an investor, she didn’t feel it was the right fit.

Barbara thought that the business is simple and perfect in many ways however the downside is that the whole business is based on a trend and trends can come and go. Hence Barbara wasn’t convinced as an investor either. Kevin believed in the business and its owner, Brooke, and wanted to invest in the company however he asked for 40% of the equity for the $70,000.

Daymond John believed the product was good and was willing to invest in the company, however, he also offered the same $70,000 for 40% of the equity. Mark commented on this as none of the offers were good and informed Brooke that she could counter. Brooke took a moment of pause and then countered with just 1% less which is 39% of the equity of $70,000. She didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with Daymond John.   

Product availability

The Product is available on the Website, it’s the product’s own website. The shop now consists of another product called the Stitchy which can also be bought from the same shop. The other online places where the product is available at are Willow Jane, Modern Creek Boutique, Tucker Net, and eBay. Also, all the social media are being used to direct traffic to the Tucky Website for quick sales.


Tucky ended up getting a deal in the Shark Tank Season 14 episode 22. The owner of Tucky, Brooke made Came in the Tank with a great pitch and was able to convince two of the sharks of the product’s usability and scalability. She used her charm and was able to get Daymond John to invest in her business. The negotiations were probably the shortest that Shark Tank has ever witnessed along with being surprising. Since Brooke only countered 1% less than what was offered by Daymond everyone was left shocked. However, in the end, a very happy Brooke left the Shark Tank with a deal with one of the best sharks for her.

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