Songlorious Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

songlorious shark tank update

In this super exciting Shark Tank, we got to learn about an impressive company, Songlorious. Ellen and Omaya are the co-founders of this company. It is a website, a magical music creator where you can customize and create your songs based on your preferences. Songlorious provides a fantastic way to make everlasting memories through music. …

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THEMAGIC5 Shark Tank Update – Net Worth, Pitch & Deal

themagic5 shark tank update

This exciting Shark Tank episode presented Themagic5, a revolutionary swimming goggles company. Rasmus and Bo, two swimmers founded Themagic5, make great custom-fit goggles. Using a phone scan of your face, this software can produce a 3D model of your eyes for bespoke eyewear. They specialize in comfortable, durable, anti-fog goggles for anyone, from beginners to …

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Long Wharf Shark Tank Update – Long Wharf Net Worth

long wharf shark tank update

In this exciting episode of Shark Tank, we are introduced to the Long Wharf, a supply company founded by Lauren and Mike. They are a couple of young siblings from New England who were concerned about waste in the ocean. Long Wharf is a company that recycles plastics and oyster shells like waste from waterways …

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Sparketh Shark Tank Update – Sparketh Net Worth

sparketh shark tank update

Dwayne Walker & Tim Samuel, two childhood best friends and co-founders from Atlanta, Georgia, are confident to spark the undiscovered creative side of the children and teenagers. So, they created an online platform titled Sparketh back in 2015. It is an art learning platform for youngsters to boost their artistry skills by learning from art …

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KIN Apparel Shark Tank Update – KIN Apparel Net Worth

kin apparel shark tank update

In Season 13 Episode 1, Philomina Kane, founder of Ken Apparel, pitches her inclusive apparel company on Shark Tank. She seeks $200,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in her company. Ken Apparel offers satin-lined hoodies to protect hair from moisture absorption, reducing frizz and breakage. The hoodies cater to individuals with various hair …

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